The Best of Times and the Worse of Times

Photo obtained from Flickr

I work part time for a catalog company. I place catalog orders for four different catalogs, and I respond to the more common customer service type questions from customers who place orders from three of those four catalogs. Because I am not trained fully as a CS agent, I am a CS flex agent and am called upon to perform customer service duties only as needed. I’ve worked exclusively as a CS flex agent for the past 3 weeks.

I clocked in today as a CS flex agent. I learned at 11:30AM, during my break, that only CS Flex agents from another catalog were to clock in today as CS agents. When I arrived at work this morning I saw the sign pertaining to CS Flex agents; however, I missed the part that read “Catalog Company B”. Logging in under the wrong job wasn’t a big deal. I just transferred from CS flex to catalog order representative during my break. I suspect other CS flex agents clocked in improperly too. When you see the same sign over and over again for days, even weeks, at a time you don’t really *see* the sign anymore. It was a good day because I didn’t have to pacify disgruntled customers my entire work day; however, I earned less money for each hour I was clocked in as a catalog order representative.

While placing catalog orders, I had one great experience and one bad experience.

I’ll write about my bad experience first. While placing a catalog order I TOTALLY forgot how to locate a customer who did not have a customer number. I kept pressing shift-F4. I couldn’t understand why the screen I wanted would not come up. When I couldn’t get the screen I wanted to come up, I tried to place the order by creating a new account. The customer kept telling me that she already was a customer, as I asked for her name, address and telephone number. I was unsuccessful setting up a new account for the customer, which is a good thing because I know that was the wrong way to approach this order! I asked the customer if I could call her back, telling her that the computer was not working properly (yeah blame it on the computer … poor computer). I asked for help from a coworker. All it took was for this coworker to tell me to press F4 to bring up the customer look-up screen. DUH! I was pressing shift-F4, not F4! I telephoned the customer and took her catalog order, only to learn that this customer wanted to pay by check. This particular catalog does not accept catalog orders by check. Catalog orders to be paid by check must be mailed in. I will refer to this bad experience as a senior moment!

Later in the afternoon I placed a rather lengthy catalog order for a customer who was quite slow in providing the product numbers for the items that she wished to purchase. At the end of the order the customer asked to speak to my supervisor. She wanted to commend me to my supervisor. This customer’s request was a good experience for me. I’ve worked for this catalog company for 6 months. Every customer for whom I have placed an order, or has called to inquire about an order already placed, has been happy with the service that I have provided. This was the first time, however, that a customer commended me to my supervisor.

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