Easter Sunday

I met my husband on Easter Sunday in 1998. Easter fell on April 12th in 1998, same as today! It is the first time since 1998 that Easter Sunday fell on the same date that we met. Pretty cool huh?

Bob and I went to a friend’s house for Easter dinner. We were the only non-family members invited. We have attended other family events hosted by Garry and Linda over the past several years. We always have a good time.

Here’s a group picture of all 12 of us, plus Oliver. I used my new Gorillapod, securely fastened to the top of a chair, to capture this photograph.

Dinner selections included ham, korv (Swedish sausage), scalloped potatoes, coleslaw, corn pudding, carrots, ambrosia, banana bread, rolls, and an Easter egg chocolate cake for dessert. We ate heartily; everything tasted good.

Garry and Linda hid Easter baskets for Tyler, Kyle and Cheyenne to find. All three children enjoyed looking for their Easter baskets.

Here’s a picture of Cheyenne when she found her Easter basket.

Here’s a picture of all three children, with their Easter baskets.

This photograph has a special effect applied to it. I isolated my main subject and blurred the background by applying Photoshop Elements’ radial blur filter. Pretty neat effect, isn’t it?

I hope everyone had as an enjoyable Easter as Bob and I did.

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