Kentucky Vacation – Day 6 of 10

Thursday, June 11th, was the official start day of the “Here to Kingdom Come” rally.  Rally attendees have continued to roll in, a few (to several) at a time. The parking lot is full of motorcycles; the hotel bursting at its seams with motorcyclists.

There is a trail in Kentucky called the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, which features eight distilleries. The distilleries are: Buffalo Trace, Four Roses, Heaven Hill, Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, Tom Moore, Wild Turkey and Woodford Reserve. On Thursday, June 11th, Bob and other Wolfman’s Wandering Rally (WWR3) attendees rode to Versailles, Kentucky, where they went on a tour of the Woodford Reserve Distillery. According to Google Maps, the distillery was located 53.5 miles from our hotel. Bob left the hotel around 10:30AM and returned at 3:00PM.

Bob on motorcycle


Leaving Best Western Holiday Plaza in Richmond, Kentucky enroute Versailles, Kentucky


I did not go on the distillery tour because it looked like there was a good chance I’d get wet while on the ride. Bob said it didn’t rain while they were riding to the distillery. It did rain, hard, on their way back to the hotel. Bob enjoyed the distillery tour. The guided tour, which cost $5.00, explained everything from the history of bourbon to the maturation and bottling process. The tour started out at the main facility where the tour participants sampled bourbon balls and a little product. Then they hopped a bus and drove around the farm seeing everything else e.g., the big drums of mash and the barrels.

While Bob was on the distillery tour, I went shopping at Wal-Mart. I purchased two camping chairs. We stood for hours the previous night while chatting with fellow VROC’ers. The camping chairs will provide for a more pleasant chatting experience.  I wandered about the hotel grounds, too, snapping pictures of rally attendees.

Bob and I ate dinner at a Mexican fast food restaurant called Qdoba Mexican Grill. Bob ordered a burrito; I ordered a taco salad. We shared a basket of tortilla chips and salsa. It was our first time at a Qdoba. For a fast food joint the Mexican grub there wasn’t bad.

After dinner we visited the Eastern Kentucky University campus, which was located only a short distance from our hotel. The purpose of our visit was to find the Daniel Boone statue; we succeeded.

Do you see how shiny Boone’s left toe is? It is traditional for students, on the way to an exam, to rub Boone’s left toe for good luck.

As we did the previous evening, we hung out in the parking lot with other VROC’ers.



Love the purple camo!


Our new camp chairs did provide for a more pleasant chatting experience.

Please click on thumbnail to enlarge.
It was a late night; we didn’t make it to bed until after midnight.

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