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A 65-Mile Ride

Bob and I went for a 65-mile motorcycle ride this morning. We rode alongside the Allegheny Reservoir and visited Chapman State Park. Click here for the route that we rode.

We wanted to get a ride in while it wasn’t raining, at least one time during this weekend. The summer so far has certainly been cool and wet in Northwestern Pennsylvania.

Bob at Overlook of Casey Bridge and Allegheny Reservoir

This spot is one of Bob’s favorite places, locally, to photograph his motorcycle. Unfortunately, the view was not clear today.

It was Youth Field Day at Chapman State Park, an event that we were not aware of when we decided to ride to Chapman State Park. In regards to Youth Field Day a Warren Times Observer newspaper article reported on June 25th that “all youth will receive a t-shirt, lunch and prizes. There will be expert instructors at several stations including shotgun, .22 rimfire, muzzleloader, archery, fishing, canoeing…All equipment is provided. There is no charge to participate.” Photographs of Chapman Lake would have been dull, given the overcast day; however, Youth Field Day added a bit of color to the lackluster background.

Two boys canoeing

Several boys receive fishing instruction

Before returning home we stopped at Perkins Restaurant for a late breakfast. By the way, it started to sprinkle soon after we came home. I haven’t seen any precipitation except for the sprinkles. It looks and feels like it could rain at any moment though. We’ll keep our eyes to the sky (and and perhaps go for another ride later today or tomorrow.

2 Responses to “A 65-Mile Ride”

  1. Skye

    That looks like a long ride! Were you comfortable for it? I didn't know about the Chapman Youth Days, we attended the Grand Valley Homecoming today and all of the boys had fun.

  2. Linda (PA_shutterbug)

    Yes, Skye, I was comfortable for our ride. You should come over sometime and let Bob take you for a ride. You'd see how comfortable it is :-)From what I have read I believe Chapman State Park holds Youth Field Days each year. The boys would have a great time at that event. Are you going to post details and photographs from Grand Valley Homecoming? I didn't know about that event.


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