The Start of a Long Weekend (July 31) – A Mini Vacation

This weekend we will attend the annual Bad Luck Bash, which is a mini motorcycle rally. The Bad Luck Bash is in Wernersville, PA, in Paul (“Bad Luck”) and Aimee’s back yard. Paul is a member of the Vulcan Riders and Owners Club (VROC), as is Bob. The first Bad Luck Bash was held in 2007. Paul had to cancel last year’s bash. This year he promised to make up for it. On our way back home from Wernersville, we plan to visit Roadside America in Shartlesville, PA, and stop in Wellsboro, PA. We will ride two up on the motorcycle, rain or shine. We expect to ride 600+ miles this weekend. We have sufficient time in which to make this trip, as Bob scheduled off work Monday and Tuesday.

We left home around 1:30PM, en route Wernersville. The road was wet, and we ran into a little rain. Our rain gear, though, kept us dry. We made minimal stops, stopping only for food, fuel and bathroom breaks. In fact we were halfway across Interstate 80 when Bob hollered back at me “Wanna get off and stretch?” I hollered back “Nope, I’m good!”. Bob said he grinned, and we kept on going. We arrived in Wernersville, at the Motel Deska, at 7:30PM.

Paul had compared Motel Deska to an Econo Lodge, so we knew not to expect much. All rooms at Motel Deska are at ground level, with parking in front of each room. Our room is furnished with two double beds, a mini refrigerator, a table with two chairs, a small color TV, a telephone, an in-window air conditioner, a dresser and a nightstand. The wall-to-wall carpeting is threadbare; however, the room is clean and the beds are comfortable. The hotel provides no Internet service. We didn’t bring our laptop computers with us on this trip (no room on the motorcycle!). We do have our IPods with us, so Internet service would have been a nice feature. Our pink-tiled bathroom contains a shower, a sink and a toilet. The bathroom, although clean, has seen better days. Small bars of soap are provided; however, there is no shampoo, hand lotion, etc. that you find at more upscale hotels. There isn’t a hair dryer or ironing board here either.

Motel Deska is located along Route 422 in Wernersville, PA.

All rooms are at ground level, with parking in front of each room.

Our hotel room

We rode 261 miles today, the most miles I have ever ridden on the motorcycle in one day! I was tired; my butt was a little sore. However, I could have ridden further. In fact, after checking into our hotel and removing our rain gear, we got back in the saddle and rode for another 30-45 minutes until we met up with Paul at his house. Paul and Aimee live only a couple miles from Motel Deska; however, we made a wrong turn out of the hotel parking lot. We went several miles out of our way before turning around. We used our GPS and found Paul and Aimee’s house, only to learn from Aimee that Paul was at a restaurant called the Bar-B-Q Pit. We found the Bar-B-Q Pit restaurant; however, Paul was not there. We doubled back to Paul’s house. Paul was there, having returned only a few minutes earlier from the Bar-B-Q Pit restaurant. In addition to Paul we met Jim from Baltimore, MD, and Lee (“Ferris”) from near Woodstock, NY. Jim and Lee are members of VROC too. We visited with Paul, Jim and Lee until 10:15PM, when we left for our hotel.

Stay tuned…I’ll write about the Bad Luck Bash in tomorrow’s blog!

Click here for a map of today’s route.

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