Bad Luck Bash – The Main Event

As I wrote in my previous blog post, “The Start of a Long Weekend”, Bob and I are in Wernersville, PA. We arrived in Wernersville last night and are spending two nights at a retro hotel, the Motel Deska. The reason we are in Wernersville is to attend the Bad Luck Bash, a mini motorcycle rally held in Paul (“Bad Luck”) and Aimee’s back yard.


On Saturday, August 1st, we awakened at 6:30AM, the time that our alarm went off. A comfortable room temperature and a quiet night was conducive to a good night’s sleep. We showered, got dressed and left for breakfast at 8:00AM. I was less than pleased with my morning shower. Bob showered first. I thought he had used all the hot water, but Bob said the water was only lukewarm for his shower. Needless to say I had a short shower. A little later the hotel manager informed us that there was a problem with the hot water. The hotel manager said that the problem would be resolved today. Last night, before Bob and I returned to the hotel, we arranged to meet Jim, who is staying at Motel Deska too, and Lee (“Ferris”) at the hotel and ride together to breakfast. Only Jim, Bob and me rode to breakfast together as Lee (“Ferris”) had not shown up by 8:00AM. Lee (“Ferris”) spent the night at Paul and Aimee’s house. When Jim left Paul’s house around 11:00PM; Paul and Lee (“Ferris”) were still drinking and socializing together. We suspected that Lee had a late night and wouldn’t be joining us for breakfast.

Jim, Bob and I rode 2-3 miles west on Route 422 (West Penn Avenue) to the Heidelberg Family Restaurant in Robesonia, PA. The three of us ordered omelets. Soon after we were served breakfast, Lee (“Ferris”) arrived and joined us. Lee (“Ferris”) ordered the special of the day — strawberry stuffed french toast. Our breakfast was good and reasonably priced; the service was good; and we enjoyed socializing with Jim and Lee (“Ferris”). After the four of us completed breakfast, we left the restaurant and went our separate ways. Bob and I went back to the hotel. We were surprised to discover that maid service had cleaned our room while we were at breakfast! We stayed at the hotel only for a few minutes before leaving to ride to Paul’s (“Badluck”) house.

Soon after arriving at Paul’s (“Bad Luck”) house, Paul took us on a ride about the countryside.

Paul (“Bad Luck”), leading us on a tour of the countryside

(I didn’t know when I took this picture that I was including myself in the photograph. I think it is cool that you can see me, the photographer, in Bob’s mirror!)

We spent about an hour riding twisty roads past farmland, ponds with geese, grazing cattle and a racetrack. We happened upon loose gravel road surfaces twice during our ride. None of us like riding on the gravel; however, we handled the road surface well.

A funny thing happened while on our ride. Paul (“Bad Luck”) missed one or more calls on his cellular telephone. We stopped so that Paul could look to see who had called him. Paul looked at missed calls. He dialed one of the missed calls. Guess who answered that call? Bob answered Paul’s call.

Paul and Bob talking with each other on their respective phones.

Lee (“Ferris”), Jim, and Lee D from Reading, PA, were on the countryside ride too. Lee D joined up with us at a gas station where we were filling up before beginning our ride.

We returned from our ride, which we enjoyed very much, around 12:00PM.

Motorcycle parking

Soon after returning to the house, Paul (“Bad Luck”) fired up the BBQ. He grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, and ribs. In addition to the grilled foods there was baked beans, lasagna, meatballs, baked ham, chips and pretzels. There was a variety of drink available, too — water, soft drinks,beer, jello shots and margaritas. There was plenty of food and drink for all Bad Luck Bash attendees.

Counting Paul (“Bad Luck”) there were 9 VROC members, I think, who attended the bash.

Paul “Bad Luck”



The majority of Paul and Aimee’s guests were family members, neighbors and friends (and their families). Basically what we did while at the Bad Luck Bash was socialize, young and old alike. I spent the majority of my day chatting with Allison, who is Aimee’s high school friend, and Marlene, an older neighbor of Paul and Aimee. I talked quite a bit with Aimee and her two sisters, Leighanne and Carrie, too, as well as Carrie’s fiance, Ron, and their teenage daughter Jess. Bob spent the majority of his day socializing with several of the VROCers.

Carrie and Ron


Carrie and Jess



The children, of whom there were many, also enjoyed the kiddie pool, indoor computer games, and a slip ‘n slide.  After dark a campfire drew the children.






OH!  Some of the women and girls met Jon Gosselin of Jon and Kate fame.  Aimee drove by to show Carrie (her sister) and Jess (her niece) the family’s house, which is in Wernersville.  Jon was out; they said hello to him.  Jess asked for a picture with him.  Jon said “sure” and told them to pull into the driveway.  Aimee said that they chatted for a few minutes (while paparazzi snapped away).  Aimee knew that photographs would end up somewhere.  Sure enough this photograph appeared on

Bad Luck Bash - The Main Event

Meeting Jon Gosselin


Aimee is shown in this photograph holding her daughter, Amanda.  Carrie is standing to the right of Aimee; Jess is on Aimee’s left.  The other girl is Jess’s friend, Melanie.  Standing behind the fence is, of course, Jon.

As for the Bad Luck Bash, a good time was had by all. Thank you Paul and Aimee for hosting such a great party!


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