Taste of Ellicottville … By Chance

Bob and I decided this afternoon to ride to Ellicottville, NY. We didn’t have any reason to go to Ellicottville. We just wanted to go for a ride. When we arrived in Ellicottville, we found ourselves in the midst of “Taste of Ellicottville”. More than 20 Ellicottville restaurants were set up on the streets, offering samples of their food.

Admission was free, but you had to pay for food and drinks. Purchases were made by ticket only. Tickets cost $1.00 each. Generally 3-4 tickets would purchase large items. You could purchase side portions for 2-3 tickets. Soft drinks could be purchased with 1 ticket. We bought ten tickets and sampled Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches, Cookies and Pop.

It is a good thing that we carry our rain gear with us. We got rained on while returning home.

We rode approximately 115 miles today. Click here for a map of our route.

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