A Visit with Cousins

Bob and I spent the weekend of June 25-28 in Batavia, New York.  While in Batavia we visited the Genesee Country Village and Museum on June 26th, which I blogged about here. On June 27th we went on a motorcycle ride along the southern shore of Lake Ontario.  We visited with Bob’s cousins on June 27th as well.

We enjoyed a pleasant afternoon and evening with several of Bob’s cousins. Dinner was good. Dinner selections included corn on the cob, spinach salad, cut-up chicken (marinated in a special sauce and served on a roll), potato casserole, watermelon and for dessert strawberry pie. The conversation was great throughout the afternoon and evening. We talked about lots of different subjects, including the fact that Liz works at Brown’s Berry Patch. She had the day off, though, because she was expecting a visit from family – Bob and I! One of Bob’s cousins is a professional photographer. Bruce and I discussed photography for some length of time. We even got to talk with Christopher (Sue and Bruce’s son). Christopher is in the U.S. Navy. He telephoned from San Diego and spoke with each of us. There is a saying that time flies when you’re having fun. This was certainly the case that evening.  We arrived at Bruce and Sue’s house at 3:45 PM.  It was after 10:00 PM when we returned to our hotel.

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