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A Day in Erie

Bob took the day off work, and we went to Erie.

Bob’s birthday was this past Sunday (May 6).  During the week of one’s birthday the Presque Isle Casino in Erie will give you $10 free slot play.  We stopped at the casino for Bob to try his luck at the slots.  No luck for Bob; however, I came out ahead.  I played $10.00 and left with $22+change, in under 5 minutes.  I cashed out.  Bob didn’t play any of his own money, so he lost nothing.

Our next few stops were for for shopping and eating purposes.  Bob found a good buy on tie-downs at Harbor Freight.  We picked up a photo box, photo albums and a document frame at Michaels.  We enjoyed lunch at Old Country Buffet and then started our drive back home.

We decided to take the scenic drive back home.  We drove along Lake Erie to Westfield, NY and then took Route 394 through Mayville and Lakewood.

We made a brief stop at the Erie Land Lighthouse.

Erie Land Lighthouse

Erie Land Lighthouse Lightkeeper’s House and Old Boat

The last time we had visited this lighthouse was in March 2005.  I don’t recall seeing the old boat shown in the photograph displayed above.

As we drove through Lakewood, NY we stopped at Tim Horton’s/Coldstone, where we enjoyed chocolate peanut butter Coldstone blasts.  Bob had a cup of coffee as well.
All in all a wonderful day!

4 Responses to “A Day in Erie”

  1. Ciss B

    Soundslike you had a really great day, and the photos were great. Love that lighthouse!!


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