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Bear Attack!

These sights are what greeted us when we awakened this morning.

Bear Attack!

Notice that the bird feeders closest to the house were not touched.  There was no birdseed in the larger bird feeder on the shepherd hook, so the bear left it alone.

The bear destroyed the lighthouse bird feeder that Bob gave me for Christmas last year 😦

I am happy that I had the forethought to capture a photograph of that bird feeder while it was in tact.

The bear visited our front yard, in addition to our back yard.

The bear pulled down the shepherd hook that held our goldfinch feeder and ripped open a hole in the bottom of it.

There was a bird feeder attached to the window here, too, that was pulled down.
I hate that the bear damaged our bird feeders.  The birds aren’t too happy either!  The least the bear could have done was alert us to its presence so that I could have captured a picture!

10 Responses to “Bear Attack!”

  1. Esme

    That is rather scary-thank goodness you keep the kitty inside-I usually only read one book at a time and listen to another in the car-commuting in LA you need a distraction-one book is on the IPAD and I borrowed it from the library-so I need to finish it.

  2. George

    I guess I need to quit complaining about the squirrels and the damage they do to our feeders. I don't want the bear to visit you again, but it would be neat to get a picture of the criminal in the act.

  3. Betsy from Tennessee

    Hi There, I'm trying to catch up after being gone for a week. You will have to do what we do—bring your feeders inside (or put them up in a big container) each night… We have WAY too many big critters around here too…Sorry about your lighthouse feeder… Maybe if you are a good girl, Bob will buy you a new one sometime…Hugs,Betsy

  4. Denise

    Oh wow Linda, has this happened before? What a shame about your beautiful lighthouse feeder. I was looking for a bear sighting when we went to Massanutten a couple of weekends ago but maybe just as well we didn't.

  5. Ciss B

    All that mess and no pictures of that rotten bear! Yup, he wasn't being very nice! 😉

  6. Rose

    Oh, Linda, that is too bad about your feeders getting torn up.What do bears do if a dog is outside…do they bother it at all?


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