Awaiting Arrival of Grandchildren

I received a telephone call from Chris, Stacey’s mother, at 1:30 the afternoon of May 18th.  Stacey’s C-section had been scheduled for Tuesday, May 22. She has been going to the doctor every Friday since mid April.  The doctor decided to push up the C-section because Stacey’s hands and feet were very swollen from water retention.  In addition Harper’s fluid level had gone down.  Nothing for alarm, though, because the doctor scheduled the C-section for after his office hours.   Chris said that the babies would be taken at 4:00 PM.  Bob and I drove to Hamot Women’s Hospital in Erie, arriving there by 3:15 PM.    Mike arrived around 3:40 PM and went immediately into the birthing center.

Mike going into the birthing center

Sue, Mike’s mother, was the next to arrive, followed by Jay, Chris’s husband.

Five grandparents, in waiting
Sue’s husband, Henry, was not able to come to the hospital.

To be continued …

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