Visit with Friends

I shared lunch with Valerie and Paula at Valerie’s house this afternoon.

I met Valerie through blogging.  We used to follow each others blogs.  Valerie hasn’t blogged in a long time; however, she still follows my blog updates.  We met in person, accidentally, in July 2009. Bob and I were at Applebee’s. Shortly after our dinners were served, a woman comes up to our table. She greeted us and asked if Bob was Bob. We said yes. The woman introduced herself as Marcy of Michael and Marcy’s Wild Ideas blog. Valerie, a.k.a. Marcy, recognized Bob from photographs of him on my blog.  Valerie and I have been hanging out ever since.

Paula lives in Texas and is visiting Valerie, her friend of 30+ years.  Paula and I have been Facebook friends since April 2010.  We met each other in person in February 2011, during another of Paula’s visits with Valerie.

Lunch (sandwiches, chips, strawberries and Boston Cream Pie) was good, and the three of us had a good time chatting about our respective physical ailments, grandchildren and other family members, and the news about town.

One of the first things I always do when visiting Valerie is to walk to the sliding door that goes out to her back yard deck and take in this lovely view.


My friends Valerie and Paula

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