Hollywood Happening 2014

Bob and I rode to Gowanda NY late morning, May 31st, to check out this year’s Hollywood Happening motorcycle event. This year marks the 16th annual Hollywood Happening. This 3-day motorcycle event benefits the ongoing restoration efforts to Gowanda’s historic Hollywood Theater. Hollywood Happening is publicized as a weekend full of good times, good music, good food, good drink and special events.

We rode to Gowanda via Dunkirk and Silver Creek. We made two stops along the way. Our first stop was at a pull off along Route 5 just before Silver Creek, NY.

P5315369 4x6Our motorcycle with Lake Erie in the background

Our second stop was for lunch at Aunt Millie’s Family Restaurant, where we enjoyed Cobb Salad (Bob) and BBQ Chicken Finger and French fry lunches. We shared a slice of homemade peanut butter pie for dessert.

Upon reaching Gowanda and after parking the motorcycle, we proceeded to the Main Stage behind the theater. A local rock band, Turbulence, was performing.

P5315377 4x6Turbulence

 We listened to three songs.  The band was good, especially as it performed the Beatles song “Come Together”.


We checked out the merchandise for sale tents.

P5315393 4x6
Bob had his boots shined at one merchandise tent.
The boots looked almost new, after the shine.

We were walking up Main Street, when I heard someone call out to me.  It was our friend, Susan, who called out as she and Dave arrived on their motorcycle.  We watched a few minutes of a BMX Bike Show and walked the streets of Gowanda with Susan and Dave, admiring the many motorcycles.

P5315410 4x6
This is one of several photographs that I took of the BXM bike show.

P5315372 4x6
There were many motorcycles to admire.

P5315375 4x6

P5315397 4x6


P5315427 4x6Our friends Susan and Dave

Susan took a picture of Bob and me on Main Street too.


Bob and I left Gowanda around 4:00 pm, returning home around 6:00 pm.  Susan and Dave stayed behind to check out the merchandise tents.  They also hoped to visit with a friend who lives in the area.

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