Letchworth State Park

This blog post continues our Finger Lakes Weekend.

We left our hotel en route home at 8:00 am on June 22nd. Breakfast, for me, was what was provided by the hotel. I had a raisin bagel with cream cheese, a cup of tea and a banana. Bob chose not to eat breakfast, drinking only a cup of coffee. We didn’t go straight home. We rode to Letchworth State Park, and then we made our way back home from there.

Letchworth State Park is located 35 miles south of Rochester, NY.  The park, often referred to as the “Grand Canyon of the East”, is a spectacular place.  The park’s magnificent scenery includes waterfalls (three major ones on the Genesee River) and a gorge.    We have visited Letchworth State Park many times over the years.   We enjoy our visit each time we go.  We arrived at Letchworth State Park around 9:30 am. We rode from the Mt. Morris entrance to the Portageville entrance, making several stops along the way.

P6225839 4x6Mount Morris Dam

P6225842 4x6Turkey Vultures at Mount Morris Dam

It seems each time we visit places we have seen many times we see something different.    A BIG chair was a new sight for us during this visit to Letchworth State Park.

WP_20140622_005This big chair was located at the Mount Morris Dam Overlook.


The next few pictures are from other stops that we made inside the park.

P6225847 4x6Gorge view from Tea Table Rock

P6225854 4x6Wolf Creek Falls

P6225879 4x6Rafting on the Genesee River

P6225881 4x6

P6225885 4x6Inspiration Point
Middle Falls and Upper Falls are visible from this vantage point.

P6225897 4x6Middle Falls

P6225901 4x6Upper Falls


We opted not to stop at Lower Falls, the third major waterfall on the Genesee River, preferring neither to make the hike nor use the time to see the falls as we still had a 2 ½-hour ride home from Letchworth State Park. We departed Letchworth at 1:00 pm.

From Letchworth we rode to Sprague’s Maple Farms in Portville NY, where we enjoyed a filling lunch.

IMG_2879Sprague’s Maple Farms

Bob ordered breakfast food–pancakes, eggs, bacon and home fries. I ordered the maple-glazed meatloaf special that included salad, rolls, green beans, and baked potato. Lunch was excellent.

We rolled into Warren shortly before 5:00 pm.  As we were passing by Tim Horton’s, we saw our friends Susan and Dave sitting outside. We stopped for an iced tea and visited for about 30 minutes.

We returned home around 5:30 pm. It was a great weekend. The weather was gorgeous; the scenery was beautiful; and the ride was nice.  Best of all, I spent the weekend enjoying the weather, the scenery and the ride with my husband.  Who could ask for more!

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