A Lunch Date, Some Shopping and a Little Sightseeing

Bob worked 5 hours overtime on Saturday morning, July 26th. Soon after coming home from work, we left en route Erie. Bob received a 15% off coupon for The Outback and wanted to go there for lunch. We drove the Nissan, rather than ride the motorcycle, because it was supposed to rain. For lunch we ordered a blooming onion as an appetizer. Bob’s main entree was grilled chicken. I ordered a 6 oz Sirloin steak. Lunch was very good.

After lunch we went to the Five Below store, where we picked up catnip bubbles for our cat.  Patches really likes the bubbles!  While shopping at the Five Below store, it rained. When we came out of the store, though, the rain had stopped. It was beautiful out. That was the only rain we had during the afternoon and evening.

Before leaving Erie we drove around Presque Isle State Park. We made one stop to go for a hike on the Long Pond Trail.   Here is a description of Long Pond Trail that I found upon returning home.

Long Pond Trail: 1 mile
This trail follows the shoreline of Long Pond, one of the ponds within the lagoon. About halfway along this trail is a boat landing, which is a popular fishing spot and offers a scenic view of the lagoon.”

After walking for quite a while on Long Pond Trail, we turned around and returned to our car.  We didn’t see a boat landing.  We didn’t even see the pond!

On our way back home we drove through several small NY towns — Ripley, North East, Westfield and Mayville. We made a brief stop in Mayville to admire the view across Chautauqua Lake.

A Lighthouse and a Seagull

Although we have visited Mayville numerous times, this was the first time that we had seen this public dock.  We walked out to the farthest reaches of the dock.

Chautauqua Belle

Lighthouse, as seen from public dock


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