Susan and Chance Visit the Audubon Center

My friend Susan’s 11-year-old grandson spent the week of July 20th at his grandmother’s house. On July 25th I met Susan and her grandson, Chance, at the Audubon Center & Sanctuary in Jamestown NY. Chance wanted to see a snake. Susan knew there was a good possibility that he would see a snake at the Audubon Center, as she had seen a photograph of the snake that I had seen there earlier in the week. Susan preferred to not go to the Audubon Center alone (she does not like snakes!), so I agreed to meet the two of them at the nature center.

Susan and Chance near entrance to Nature Center Building

Susan and Chance at entrance to Bob’s Garden —
an herb, kitchen, and butterfly garden
named in honor of one of the Audubon Center’s
early founders, Bob Hallquist.

Susan and Chance

Chance sees a snake.

Chance wanted to see a snake. He saw two snakes! This is the first snake that Chance saw.  I enlarged the hole and the snake so that you can actually SEE the snake.  The second snake that Chance saw was a short distance from here.  It was lying in the weeds.

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