Ice Cream Ride to Busti

I look forward to Wednesday night rides with friends. We ride for ice cream! We leave at 6:00 pm from the North Warren Playground parking lot, which is located not far from our house. We usually get home before dark.  This blog post recounts an ice cream ride from a week ago.

On September 10th we rode from North Warren to the Busti Country Convenience Store in Busti NY for ice cream.  The convenience store is a small grocery store that has an outside window for ice cream sales.

I took these two pictures in North Warren before the ride began.

In about 14 years Addison will be riding his own motorcycle on our ice cream rides 😉

These two photographs are the only pictures I took on this ride because it  started to rain, as we were finishing up our ice cream.


Leslie took this picture of Bob and I putting on our rain gear.
Bob is snapping my rain pants at my ankles.


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