Ice Cream Ride to Youngsville Dairy Queen

Bob and I went on a motorcycle ride yesterday evening with our 2 Scoop CycleTherapy group friends.


The North Warren Playground parking lot provides an excellent staging area for our weekly ice cream rides.  There is a covered pavilion that provides plenty of sitting space and a large parking lot with plenty of space for our motorcycles.

North Warren Playground parking lot

Our initial plan was to stop for ice cream somewhere in Tidioute, PA.  This map shows the route that we rode from North Warren to Tidioute.  Our ice cream destination changed, while stopped at the Tidioute Overlook.  The Tidioute Overlook is located along Route 337, a short distance before reaching Route 62 in Tidioute.

This is the parking lot for the Tidoute Overlook.

Carol and I walked the short distance from the parking lot to the Allegheny River overlook.  We found Mandy back there, taking pictures of the view.

A decision was made at the Tidioute Overlook that we would go to the Dairy Queen in Youngsville for ice cream.  If we stopped for ice cream in Tidioute, it would be a cold ride back home.

We crossed over the Tidioute bridge and turned right onto Davey Hill Road, which we followed to U.S. Route 6 to the Dairy Queen.

Tidioute Bridge

This map shows our route from Tidioute to the Dairy Queen in Youngsville.

Youngsville Dairy Queen

Youngsville Dairy Queen

I had never seen so many employees inside Dairy Queen.  At the Youngsville Dairy Queen, you place an order at the counter.  A number is given to you.  One of the employees brings your food, hot or cold, to your table.

We saw a variety of animals during last night’s ride.  I counted at least 7 deer.  Two deer crossed the road in front of our ride leader.  Bob and I were two motorcycles behind the ride leader.  Apparently Bob and I missed seeing a deer standing on the road.  Everyone else saw it; we didn’t!  We saw a live porcupine on the side of the road;  a buzzard flew across the road in front of our ride leader; and two horses in their pasture trotted alongside our motorcycles.  I think it was Paul, our ride leader, who made the comment that we had been on a safari!

After enjoying our ice cream at Dairy Queen, we made our way back home.

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