Ice Cream Ride to Kane, PA

We went on a motorcycle ride with our 2 Scoop CycleTherapy friends on Thursday, July 2.

North Warren Playground parking lot

We departed the North Warren Playground parking lot at 6:00 pm. Paul usually leads our ice cream rides; however, sometimes another member of the group volunteers to lead.  On this particular ride Steve, who is new to the group, led the ride. Our ice cream rides end before dark, with very few exceptions.  Thursday’s ride was longer than usual. This map is my best recollection of our route.

We rode almost to Chapman Dam State Park on back roads, on roads that Bob thought were gravel roads but had been paved. Before reaching Chapman Dam, we turned in the opposite direction.  We rode into Clarendon and followed U.S. Route 6 to Cherry Grove Road.  Before reaching Pennsylvania Route 666 we rode past the Minister Creek Recreation Area, where a 15-year-old girl was killed recently when she was struck by a falling tree during a thunderstorm.  Bob and I didn’t realize we were in that location until later.  At the time, we made the comment it looked like a tornado had come through the area.

We kept thinking we would head into Sheffield and get ice cream at the Frosty Chalet, which would be on our way back home. We rode all the way to Kane to Texas Hot Lunch! We pulled into the parking lot, but only to say bye. We bailed on the ride at this point. We weren’t the only ones who bailed on the ride. Another couple bailed on the ride before reaching Texas Hot Lunch.  We returned home at 8:45 pm. We wouldn’t have returned home until well after 9:00 pm, if we had not bailed on the ride.

The highlights of the ride included the gorgeous scenery on roads less traveled and when we saw two bears at Blue Jay Creek. I saw only one bear, standing on Blue Jay Creek Road. There was another bear in the woods that I didn’t see. Both bears had been in the creek. There were paw prints on the road. Someone else saw yet another bear earlier on the ride!

It is good that we bailed on the ride when we did. We wouldn’t have wanted to get home any later than we did. We had locked ourselves out of the house! We had to borrow our house key from our neighbor who watches Patches when we are away!

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