Ride to Linesville Spillway

We spent the morning and part of the afternoon of Friday, July 3, riding. We ate breakfast at the Perkins Restaurant here in Warren. We were on our way to Linesville, PA shortly before 9:00 am.

We made a couple photo stops en route Linesville. We stopped in Spartansburg, PA.

Clear Lake in Spartansburg, PA

As we were parking in Spartansburg, the first thing I noticed was this little horse and small Amish buggy.  The building in the background is the Dutch Treat Restaurant.  We have eaten in this restaurant a couple times.  The food is plentiful and tastes great!

From Spartansburg, we rode to Conneaut Lake, PA.  We stopped at Ice House Park, where there is a very nice view of the lake and boats.

Conneaut Lake, approaching Ice House Park


Conneaut Lake

My intention was to walk the length of Ice House Park and take a few pictures of Conneaut Lake from different perspectives.  Two dogs, though, caught and held my attention soon after we arrived.

What a pretty dog!

I discovered that this dog jumped one time from the dock into the water.  The jump frightened the dog, and it will no longer jump off the dock into the water.

On the other hand, the dog’s companion had no fear of jumping off the dock into the water!

The dog retrieved a toy that was thrown into the water.

The dog brought the toy to land.

The white dog has no fear of water, only fears jumping into the water from the dock!

I enjoyed very much watching these two dogs play with each other!

From Conneaut Lake we rode to Linesville Spillway at the Pymatuning Reservoir, where it is said ducks walk on the fish.  We saw lots and lots of carp and geese and a few ducks.

From Linesville, we began our ride back home. We stopped for lunch at Hoss’s Steak and Seahouse in Meadville, PA and made a fuel stop in Titusville, PA.  We returned home around 3:00 pm. The ride wore us out. We napped for about 3 hours!

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