First Friday

According to a Wikipedia article, “First Friday is a name for various public events in some cities (particularly in the United States) that occur on the first Friday of every month.”  My hometown of Warren, PA hosts First Friday events. Downtown businesses come together under a fun theme, with special discounts and offers, on every First Friday.

Bob and I, along with friends, attended this month’s First Friday event in downtown Warren.  The theme of this month’s First Friday event was classic cars, hot rods and vintage bikes.  Our friends Paul, Shawn, Dave and George rode their vintage bikes to the event.

I took this picture shortly after our arrival on Liberty Street.

 After parking our motorcycles we walked along Liberty Street, admiring the cars. I took only a few pictures of the cars that participated in this First Friday event.

There was a good turnout for this month’s First Friday event.

After admiring the cars parked along Liberty Street, we ate dinner at The Plaza Restaurant.  Later in the evening we went to Dairy Queen for ice cream.

John and Carol at Dairy Queen

Paul and Debbie at Dairy Queen

Bob and I at Dairy Queen

It was a very enjoyable evening out with friends!

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