VROC Reunion Rally 2015: Getting There – Warren PA to Hudson OH

Today begins Day 1 of our 13-day vacation.  We are traveling to Eureka Springs, AR to attend the annual Vulcan Riders and Owners Club (VROC) Reunion rally. This is the first year Bob and I have attended this motorcycle event. I am driving the car, and Bob is riding the motorcycle.  Because of pain in my back and legs I cannot ride day in and day out so many miles.  Even driving the car so far will not be without discomfort and possibly pain. I have to admit, though, it is much easier packing the car, rather than the motorcycle, for such a long vacation!

Bob came home from work at noon. We packed the car and were on our way to Ohio by 12:15 pm.  According to the GPS, our ETA at the Clarion Hotel in Hudson, OH was 4:08 pm. We made it as far as Jones Chevrolet on U.S. Route 6 in Warren PA, when Bob realized he had forgotten his chaps. Bob turned around to go back home to get his chaps, while I pulled into the parking lot of Jones Body Shop to await his return. In addition to putting on the chaps, Bob stopped for gas. Our only other stop on our way to Hudson, OH was a fuel/bathroom/beverage stop at the Sheetz in Meadville, PA (U.S. Route 322).

Meadville, PA Sheetz station
That is not a blue sky!

Bob put on his rain gear at Sheetz, as radar was showing rain. It did rain for a short time in Pennsylvania and almost the entire time we were in Ohio.

We arrived at the Clarion Inn and Conference Center in Hudson, OH around 6:20 pm, a little more than 2 hours later than anticipated.  Our hotel room is generously sized. We have two double beds separated by a nightstand, a table and two chairs, and a small chest of drawers with a TV on top of it. The furnishings are well worn, especially the upholstery which is threadbare. The beds are noisy, but comfortable. The bathroom is on the small side, but clean. Wireless Internet is available, but slow.

Soon after arriving at the hotel we ate dinner at Cruisers Bar and Grill, located inside the hotel. Neither of us felt like driving somewhere to look for a restaurant, so a place to eat inside the hotel was very welcome.  Bob ordered a pulled pork sandwich and Onion Rings. I ordered an American Cheeseburger and French fries. There were several people at the bar, so the noise level was higher at Cruisers than we are accustomed to.  The service and food, though, were both excellent.

We drove 162 miles today, following the route on the map shown below.

If we travel to Hudson, OH in the future, it would be best to avoid I-271 at rush hour! Traffic was stop and go for the 20 miles that we were on I-271.

We were in bed by 9:00 pm. We both slept well. The bed was comfortable; the room was quiet; and the temperature was just right (no need for AC, heat or the fan).  Going to bed so early it was no surprise that we were up, showered, dressed and had eaten breakfast by 6:15 am. A hot breakfast was complimentary with our hotel accommodation. I had scrambled eggs, French toast, bacon, cranberry juice and hot tea. Bob had scrambled eggs, bacon and coffee. We would stay at the Clarion Inn and Conference Center in Hudson, OH again. In fact, the hotel is located near Cuyahoga Valley National Park and would make a perfect place to stay while visiting that park.

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