VROC Reunion Rally 2015: Getting There – Greenfield IN to Central City KY

[Please note that this blog post is backdated to September 13; the post was published on September 29.]


Today is Day 3 of our 13-day vacation.  We are traveling to Eureka Springs, AR to attend the annual Vulcan Riders and Owners Club (VROC) Reunion rally.

Bob awakened at 4:30 this morning, which is normal for him as this is the time he awakens in the morning to get ready for work. I stayed in bed until 5:45 am. I was showered and dressed by 6:30 am. We ate breakfast at 7:00 am. We each had a cheese omelet, one waffle and a Danish pastry. In addition I had an orange juice and a banana. Bob drank coffee, and I drank hot tea.

It was a chilly morning. It was only 46 degrees in Greenfield IN at 7:30 this morning. I checked the weather in Central City, KY – what will be today’s final destination. The high temperature will be in the low 70s. Bob said he is happy that he has chaps to wear, while riding.

We met up with some VROC friends at the Speedway gas station at Exit 96 on I-70 (one exit west of Greenfield IN) for a 3-day group ride to Eureka Springs, AR .

20150913_134359836_iOS 4x6Bob, Jim T., Bradley T., and Tim and Dee W. at Speedway gas station

We departed the Speedway gas station at 9:45 am, en route Central City, KY via New Salisbury, IN.  We would pick up two more riders in New Salisbury, IN.

20150913_135144021_iOS 4x6En route New Salisbury, IN
There are 4 motorcycles and 5 riders.

We made one fuel stop on the way to New Salisbury, IN.

20150913_155248596_iOS 4x6Fuel stop in Brownstown, IN

We arrived at Jim and Katie A.’s house around 12:45 pm.

20150913_170521563_iOS 4x6Jim and Katie’s house

We were back on the road about 30 minutes later, with Jim and Katie riding with us.  Not quite 3 weeks ago, Jim had a heart attack.  It was wonderful that Jim and Katie could ride with us!

20150913_172605761_iOS 4x6
Back on the road again
There are now 5 motorcycles and 7 riders.

20150913_174358461_iOS 4x6We crossed over the Ohio River from Indiana to Kentucky around 1:45 pm.


We stopped for lunch at Subway in Brandenburg, KY.

20150913_183433632_iOS 4x6
Brandenburg, KY
Lunch stop at Subway

20150913_183301938_iOS 4x6
Before leaving Brandenburg, we made a fuel stop at a gas station near Subway.

We made a rest stop at the Dollar General in Fordsville, KY.

20150913_194735992_iOS 4x6
Bradley made good use of the rest stop!

From Fordsville we rode to Central City, KY, arriving there around 5:00 pm Central time.

Today’s route is displayed in the map shown below.

We drove 263 miles today.

We checked into the Best Western Plus Venture Inn.  We have a two queen room. It is spacious and nicely furnished. The bathroom is larger than the ones we have had the past two nights.

We ate dinner at El Bracero, a Mexican restaurant located next door to the hotel.  Bob and I ordered taco salads, with beef.

20150913_222733448_iOS 4x6
The taco salad was uniquely shaped,
like an over-sized taco.

Dinner was delicious!


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