On This Day in 2008 – Sugar Grove, PA

The date was April 15, 2008.  My stepdaughter, Stacey, telephoned late in the morning and asked if I wanted to come with her to take photographs of downtown Sugar Grove.  My first response was “no”.  I started taking Methylprednisolone tablets that day to reduce inflammation in my knee, caused by a torn meniscus.   I hoped by resting my leg for the next couple days that most of the pain in my knee would be gone, when I returned to work.  After ending the telephone call with Stacey, I changed my mind.  I really wanted to accompany Stacey on her photo shoot and take photographs of downtown Sugar Grove too.  I didn’t think we would do too much walking, as downtown Sugar Grove isn’t that big of a place.

SugarGroveDowntownDowntown Sugar Grove isn’t that big of a place.
(Photo obtained from Google Maps street view, Oct. 2013)


Sugar Grove is located on the PA/NY state line in Warren County, PA.  It is less than a 15-mile drive from my home in Warren, PA.  It was a beautiful day to take photographs — blue sky and sunshine.

SugarGrove200804_036Sugar Grove was founded in 1797.
Sugar Grove was named for the beautiful maple forest covering its valley and surrounding hills.

SugarGrove200804_037Veterans Memorial,
with the Town & Country food store in the background

SugarGrove200804_033Sugar Grove’s Main Street

SugarGrove200804_021Town & Country food store and The Bucket restaurant


I used two of the photographs that I took that day and put together a Smilebox creation, a newspaper article with breaking news.

Smilebox_SugarGrovemy Smilebox creation

I was quite pleased with my originality! My Smilebox account had been inactive for a very long time. I renewed my account earlier this week.

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