Friday Night Ride and Wiener Roast

Bob and I are members of a local motorcycle riding group.  We call ourselves 2 Scoop Cycletherapy because we ride for ice cream and relaxation.  So far this riding season some members of the group have ridden together three times, all three times this past week.  The only ride that we were able to participate in was yesterday’s ride and wiener roast.

We met at a friend’s house house at 6:00 pm. We dropped off food and beverages for a wiener roast that Mark and Faye were hosting for later in the evening.

Pre-ride Chit Chat

Shortly before 6:15 pm we departed on a 50-mile motorcycle ride. There were six motorcycles and twelve riders – Mark and Faye, Bill and Marlene, Scott and Donna, Paul and Debbie and “Knobby” and Barb.  We rode through Frewburg NY to Onoville NY, where we stopped for a few minutes.

Onoville, NY stop
In the background is the Onoville Marina, located on the Allegheny Reservoir

It was starting to cool off, so some of us pulled on our hoodies.

When we decided to continue the ride, our motorcycle wouldn’t start. After several minutes our motorcycle did start. The consensus seems to be that something is loose or corroded. We returned to Mark and Faye’s house via Scandia and Priest Hollow Road, returning there around 7:30 pm.

Mark cooked wieners over a fire.

Accompanying the wieners were foods brought by others in the group
to include vegetable and fruit trays, cheese cubes, macaroni salad
and chocolate chip cookies.

We sat around a fire eating and chatting among ourselves.

Bob and I were the first to leave, at approximately 9:15 pm. We had a wonderful evening with our friends and look forward to our next ride.


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