Corning NY to Warren PA

We got up around 5:30 am the morning of Sunday, January 13.  By 6:30 am we had both showered, gotten dressed and eaten breakfast.  Breakfast was instant oatmeal cups and a banana.  

Staying in an AirBnB, where we had an entire house to ourselves, meant that what we carried in from the car was spread throughout the house.  We went room by room gathering our stuff.  We left, en route Hamburg NY, at 7:45 am.   Hamburg was not in our weekend plans.  We planned to return to Corning Museum of Glass for a few hours and then begin our drive back home.  Instead we drove to a telephone repair shop in Hamburg.  Bob’s Google Pixel 2XL phone stopped charging the previous night.  The nearest authorized repair shop (both here in NY as well as from home) to have his phone fixed was in Hamburg.

We arrived at UBREAKIFIX shortly before 10:00 am.  We have a 2 hour wait before the shop opens!  Bob thought the shop opened at 10:00 am.  We ate a second, bigger breakfast at Tim Horton’s.  Then we went to nearby McKinley Mall to kill time.

We didn’t think McKinley Mall would allow us to kill much time, as we saw many “for lease” signs on store windows.  There are more open stores at the mall than we had thought, though, and we killed sufficient time.  We made a couple purchases too–Valentines Day gifts for our granddaughters and a gutter leaf scooper for Bob.  Bob has been using his hands to remove leaves in our gutters.  The scooper will be an improvement.

Bob walked into UBREAKIFIX at noon.  He walked back out less than 10 minutes later.  No charge!  The charging port needed to be cleaned.  Bob had cleaned it but not as well as UBREAKIFIX did.  The service technician used a machine to clean the phone.  The phone is fixed and didn’t cost anything!

Leaving Hamburg we followed NY State Route 5, along Lake Erie.  We stopped at Evangola State Park (Farnham NY) so that Bob could join an online training session for diabetes prevention.  The training session began at 1:00 pm.  I went for a walk to the lake shore and took a few pictures. 

Beach at Evangola State Park

I didn’t walk on the beach because of all the driftwood lying between me and the beach.  I didn’t want to risk stumbling and falling down.  Looking back, I may have been able to find a piece of driftwood that resembled a walking stick and used that to safely cross to the beach.

Beach at Evangola State Park

I did enjoy the view, though, looking down on the beach.

I stayed out until the bitter cold air blowing across the lake got to be too much for me.  Although it was a sunny day and the temperature was in the lower 20s, the windchill was much colder.

Bob broke off the connection to his training session after 30 minutes due to bad connectivity.  He will watch the video later.

Back on NY State Route 5 we stopped briefly at the Eagle Bay pullover, located just west of Silver Creek, where I took a couple short videos of the rolling waves.


Continuing on NY State Route 5 we stopped at Chadwick Bay.  We have seen eagles at Chadwick Bay.  We didn’t see any eagles that day.  I do have a couple icy pictures to share with you, though.

Ice-Encassed Bench at Chadwick Bay

This bench would be a very cold seat!

We turned south onto Central Avenue and drove through Fredonia NY.   We picked up Route 73 south and hopped onto Route 380 through Stockton NY.  We continued driving on Route 380 through Falconer to Route 62 and home. 

We returned home by 5:00 pm, after a fuel stop and going through a car wash.


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