Barcelona Falls

On Sunday, March 10, Bob and I went for a drive along NYS Route 5, between the Daniel Reed Pier in Westfield to the Dunkirk City Pier in Dunkirk, and NYS Route 60 to McCrea Point Park in Jamestown.  We saw a waterfall, seagulls and waterfowl. Today’s blog post is about the waterfall that we saw, while at the Daniel Reed Pier.

Once you are parked on the Daniel Reed Pier, walk along the waters edge towards the cliff.  Walk along the base of the cliff for a short distance to Barcelona Falls. The sandy shore line of Lake Erie changes from year to year so access to the base of the falls is unpredictable.  On the day that we were at the pier, it was best to observe the waterfall from a distance.

Barcelona Falls is located on an unnamed creek that flows into Lake Erie.

According to the webpage, Barcelona Falls “has a height of 18 feet, a crest width of 4 feet and faces to the north northwest.  The elevation of the crest above sea level is 590 feet.”

The flow of Barcelona Falls can be anywhere between a trickle to a deluge.  The waterfall is best viewed in the early spring or after a period of heavy rain.

In my next blog post I will share some photographs of the seagulls and waterfowl that we saw on Lake Erie.



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