Ohio Vacation Day 6 – Downtown Hudson (6/30/2021)

Late this morning we drove to downtown Hudson. We parked along the street and walked a couple blocks along N. Main Street, between Church and Owen Brown Streets, stopping often for photo opportunities.

I am standing in the village green, looking across N. Main Street.
Hudson’s Clocktower
I took a selfie in front of the Hudson Clocktower.
Looking up N. Main Street toward Owen Brown Street
We saw flowers in abundance, during our walk.
Drawing a hopscotch design on the ground
outside one of the stores
The Learned Owl Bookstore Sign
I believe this tiny door was at
The Learned Owl Bookstore too.
Sign for the Open Door Coffee Co.
Colorful Piano Outside the Western Reserve Music

Isn’t downtown Hudson pretty? Perhaps on our next visit, we can visit some of these shops. Even though we spent a week in Hudson, there wasn’t enough time to do everything we wanted to do!

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