South Carolina Vacation: Crepe Creation Cafe

We awakened on the morning of Saturday, February 25 to discover it had rained during the night. This was our first rain since arriving in Surfside Beach.  It would be a cooler day, too, than it has been since our arrival.  At 8:00 am it was only 56 degrees with showers.  It was much better here than at home, though.  At the same time, in Warren PA, it was 21 degrees with snow.  According to Weather Underground, two inches of snow was expected.

Our friends Marge and Neil H. stopped by our Airbnb rental. Nanny & Pops, at 11:00 am.  We visited for a while inside our cottage.  Later we went for a walk in the neighborhood.  We walked to Floral Lake and back home.   The turtles didn’t disappoint.  I counted 12 – 14 turtles that congregated below us, as we crossed over the footbridge.

Next we drove to Myrtle Beach, where we ate lunch at the Crepe Creation Cafe.  All four of us ordered both a savoury crepe and a dessert crepe.  Bob and I shared our crepes, as did Neil and Marge. 

Our savory crepe was a Cresesadilla (Chicken, Bell Peppers, Onions, Cheddar, and Mozzarella served with sides of Sour Cream and Salsa).
Our dessert crepe was an Apple Turnover (Homemade Apple Filling topped with Caramel, Powder Sugar, and Whipped Cream and a side of Vanilla Ice Cream).

As you can see, the crepes are huge!  Each crepe, sitting on two plates, equaled the serving for one person.

We returned to Nanny & Pops around 3:15 pm. Neil and Marge left straightaway, as they wanted to attend Saturday Mass.

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