South Carolina Vacation: Brookgreen Gardens Third Visit, Part Three

We visited Brookgreen Gardens for the third time on Sunday, February 26. Our first stop was in the Rosen Galleries, in which is featured an exhibition of some of Auguste Rodin’s best-known sculptures. Leaving the Rosen Galleries, we meandered through the gardens admiring the outdoor sculptures, flowers, and flowering shrubs and trees. I shared a number of pictures of flowers, trees and sculptures in my previous blog post. This blog post will complete our visit to Brookgreen Gardens.

“Pegasus” by Laura Gardin Fraser

“Pegasus” is the largest sculpture at Brookgreen Gardens.

“Pegasus” and me
“Joy” by Karl Heinrich Gruppe
“Triton on Dolphin” by Benjamin Franklin Hawkins
“Lioness and Cub” by Hope Yanell
“Actaeon” by Paul Howard Manship
“The Tortoise Train” by W. Stanley Proctor

We obtained directions from a helpful garden steward to the Grainger McCoy Exhibit. Apparently, we walked right by the exhibit a couple times!

“Wilson’s Snipe” by Grainger McCoy
”Two Mallards” by Grainger McCoy
“Clapper Rails” by Grainger McCoy

I took only a few pictures, as the bird sculptures were behind glass and difficult to photograph without reflections destroying the beauty of the sculptures.

“The Guardian” by Sahl Swarz
“Len Ganeway” by Derek Wernher

This was the last day that we visited Brookgreen Gardens. Our tickets were still good for 2 days. Later in the day we stopped at our friends Marge and Neil’s condo and dropped off two tickets to the gardens. Marge and Neil planned to visit Brookgreen Gardens the next day.

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