South Carolina Vacation: Brookgreen Gardens Third Visit, Part Two

We visited Brookgreen Gardens for the third time on Sunday, February 26. Our first stop was in the Rosen Galleries, in which is featured an exhibition of some of Auguste Rodin’s best-known sculptures. Leaving the Rosen Galleries, we meandered through the gardens admiring the outdoor sculptures, flowers, and flowering shrubs and trees.

I took the following pictures near the Welcome Plaza and Keepsakes Museum Shop.

Brookgreen Gardens Flowers
Brookgreen Gardens Flowers
Brookgreen Gardens Flowers
“The Peacocks” by Dan Ostermiller

Allow your eyes to follow the garden path, and you will see a glimpse of the next art piece that I photographed.

This art piece was seen along the garden path
adorned with twin peacocks.

Moving away from the Welcome Center and the Keepsakes Museum Shop we arrived at the first two sculptures that I photographed.

“The Visionaires” by Anna Hyatt Huntington
“Diana of the Chase” by Anna Hyatt Huntington

From “Diana of the Chase” we entered Live Oak Allee.

Live Oak Allee Entrance
Live Oak Allee
Live Oak Allee
I love the Spanish moss hanging off the live oak branches.

Live Oak Allee ends near the sculpture of Dionysus.

“Dionysus” by Edward Francis McCartan

To the left of “Dionysus” is the Old Kitchen, which offers sandwiches, wraps, quiche, salads, desserts, beverages, and light refreshments. 

the Old Kitchen
the Old Kitchen Garden
a Garden Path near the Old Kitchen

While meandering through Brookgreen Gardens we pulled out a map of the gardens several times. We wanted to see as much of the gardens as we could, without doing much backtracking. It was at the Old Kitchen that we realized we had missed a couple sculptures back towards the Welcome Center. So we backtracked a little bit.

“Diana” by Augustus Saint-Gaudens
“The Fountain of the Muses” by Carl Milles
Brookgreen Gardens Flowers
Brookgreen Gardens flowers

This is a good place to end this blog post, right before we visit the largest sculpture at Brookgreen Gardens. I will wrap up our Brookgreen Gardens visit in my next blog post.

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