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Friday Night Ride and Wiener Roast

Bob and I are members of a local motorcycle riding group.  We call ourselves 2 Scoop Cycletherapy because we ride for ice cream and relaxation.  So far this riding season some members of the group have ridden together three times, all three times this past week.  The only ride that we were able to participate in was yesterday’s ride and wiener roast.

We met at a friend’s house house at 6:00 pm. We dropped off food and beverages for a wiener roast that Mark and Faye were hosting for later in the evening.

Pre-ride Chit Chat

Shortly before 6:15 pm we departed on a 50-mile motorcycle ride. There were six motorcycles and twelve riders – Mark and Faye, Bill and Marlene, Scott and Donna, Paul and Debbie and “Knobby” and Barb.  We rode through Frewburg NY to Onoville NY, where we stopped for a few minutes.

20160603_225325363_iOS 4x6Onoville, NY stop
In the background is the Onoville Marina, located on the Allegheny Reservoir

20160603_230236638_iOS 4x6
It was starting to cool off, so some of us pulled on our hoodies.

When we decided to continue the ride, our motorcycle wouldn’t start. After several minutes our motorcycle did start. The consensus seems to be that something is loose or corroded. We returned to Mark and Faye’s house via Scandia and Priest Hollow Road, returning there around 7:30 pm.

Mark cooked wieners over a fire.

20160604_000104419_iOS 4x6
Accompanying the wieners were foods brought by others in the group
to include vegetable and fruit trays, cheese cubes, macaroni salad
and chocolate chip cookies.


20160604_011918191_iOS 4x6
We sat around a fire eating and chatting among ourselves.

Bob and I were the first to leave, at approximately 9:15 pm. We had a wonderful evening with our friends and look forward to our next ride.


Labor Day Weekend 2015: Horseheads NY to Warren PA

[Please note that this blog post is backdated to September 7; the post was published on November 11.]

This is Day 4, the last day of our Labor Day weekend vacation.


We checked out of Rodeway Inn Marshall Manor in Horseheads, NY shortly before 7:45 am and left en route Letchworth State Park, where we plan to meet up with some motorcycling friends from our 2 Scoop CycleTherapy group.

En route Letchworth State Park, we stopped at Stony Brook State Park.  The Empire Passport provided free day use vehicle entry into the park.  We went for a walk on the gorge trail, where we saw several small waterfalls along the creek bed and one bigger one.

_LG18014 4x6Stony Brook Pool Falls

_LG18030 4x6Stony Brook Pool

_LG18028 4x6Stony Brook Bridge

_LG18026 4x6

The gorge trail was fairly easy to walk, even given the steps. While at the larger waterfall, our friend Mark telephoned and said the 2 Scoop CycleTherapy group was in Portville and their ETA was about 1 ½ hours. I told Mark that we would meet the group at the parking lot near the Railroad High Bridge, located a short way from the Portageville entrance to Letchworth State Park.  Shortly before Bob and I reached the park I telephoned Mark from the 7-Eleven store in Nunda, where we stopped for gas and picnic lunch fixings. I expected to leave a message of our ETA. Mark answered the phone. Our friends were still in Portville. One of our friends could ride no longer, as she was experiencing severe back pain. They wouldn’t leave her until they knew she had a ride home. The new ETA for our friends became 12:30-1:00 pm.

Bob and I arrived at Letchworth State Park around 11:30 am, which was the time we had expected to meet our friends.  The Empire Passport provided free day use vehicle entry into the park.  We parked at the parking lot near the Railroad High Bridge.

_LG18045 4x6Railroad High Bridge
our planned meeting place

While awaiting our friends’ arrival, we were pleasantly surprised by a chance encounter with a friend and her son whom we hadn’t seen in several years! Lisa S., her boyfriend Darcy, and Lisa’s son Michael emerged at the top of the gorge trail, where Bob and I were sitting. The three of them had hiked the trail from the William Pryor Letchworth Museum, near the Glen Iris Inn. What a nice surprise to see Lisa and her son after so many years. It was nice to meet Darcy as well.

_LG18043 4x6We were so busy catching up that I didn’t think to take a picture of Lisa, Darcy and Michael while we were talking.  I did, however, take a picture as they left to hike back to their car.

Our 2 Scoop CycleTherapy group friends arrived around 12:40 pm.

_LG18046 4x6Our friends at the Portageville entrance

From the Portageville entrance we rode to the parking lot between Middle Falls and Upper Falls.  We ate a picnic lunch together near Upper Falls.

_LG18047 4x6Picnic Lunch

After lunch, we saw Upper Falls and Middle Falls.

_LG18050 4x6Mark and Faye
and John and Carol at Upper Falls

_LG18051 4x6It was a hot day and a hot ride!
John and Renate
and George and Trudy
relax before heading over to Middle Falls.

_LG18052 4x6

_LG18057 4x6Middle Falls

We parted ways, after seeing the falls. Our friends continued their ride in the park, and we left for home leaving by way of the Portageville entrance. We returned home around 5:30 pm.

The weekend weather, although hot and humid, was beautiful. We drove 689 miles during the weekend. It was great to get away for the weekend and to be able to meet up with our friends at Letchworth.

Vintage Bike Meet and Ride

We spent all day Sunday (8/23/2015) with some of our 2 Scoop CycleTherapy group motorcycle riding friends.  2 Scoop CycleTherapy is a group of friends who meet at 6:00 pm Tuesday evenings and choose a motorcycle ride destination for an ice cream cone and return back before dark when possible.  We look for scenic paved back roads, ride as a group and rarely ride faster than 50MPH.  The group goes on longer rides,  occasionally, as well.


For Sunday’s ride we gathered at Slagle’s Speed and Sport bike shop on State Street in North Warren, PA for a ride to Jim Challingsworth’s vintage bike meet and ride. The bike meet and ride is an annual event.  This was the 13th annual meet and ride.  It was the first year that Bob and I attended this event.  We left Slagle’s Speed and Sport at 10:30 am and rode about 50 miles to Ridgway, PA.  I counted 12 motorcycles in our group, some vintage bikes and some newer bikes, and one car.  The car pulled a trailer, which held a vintage bike.

We arrived at the meet location (13374 Boot Jack Rd in Ridgway, PA) around 11:30 am.  We walked around the property looking at the vintage bikes on display, chatting with our friends and other attendees who had arrived from other locations and enjoying the coffee and donuts provided by the Challingworth’s.  The dozen photographs that follow were taken while walking around the property.

_LG17574 4x6This is the vintage Honda that traveled by trailer with our group from Warren.
One day I believe this young boy will ride this bike.

_LG17575 4x6Checking out the vintage bikes on display

_LG17576 4x6I like the paint job on that second bike!

_LG17577 4x6Here is a closer view of the bike with the nice paint job.

_LG17578 4x6

_LG17579 4x6

_LG17580 4x6
_LG17583 4x6
A young boy accompanied us on our ride.

_LG17584 4x6
_LG17585 4x6
_LG17587 4x6
_LG17591 4x6
The newer bikes were parked out back.


At approximately 12:45 pm we left on a scenic 90-mile round trip ride of the area.

_LG17592 4x6Our ride leader


Here is a map of our route.

You may view a more detailed map at Google maps by clicking here.


We followed U.S. Route 219 North for a short distance and turned right onto PA Route 948, which we followed through Kersey, PA to PA Route 255.

_LG17598 4x6Turning right onto PA Route 948 South

_LG17600 4x6Riding through the small community of Kersey, PA


Leaving Kersey, we turned right onto PA Route 255 East, which we followed past Rose’s Hilltop Diner on the left (great place to eat!), to Caledonia Road.

_LG17605 4x6Passing by Rose’s Hilltop Diner

_LG17606 4x6We are on Caledonia Road.
This picture shows some of the riders behind us.

_LG17607 4x6Caledonia Road is a narrow, two-lane twisty road.

We followed Calendonia Road to the end, where it intersected with PA Route 555.

_LG17610 4x6Caledonia Road and PA Route 555 intersection

_LG17611 4x6We turned left onto PA Route 555 East and followed it for 23 miles to Driftwood, PA.

En route Driftwood, we passed through Medix Run, PA and Benezette, PA.

_LG17612 4x6 Medix Run


We made a fuel stop at the Benezette Store.  Bob and I have visited Benezette many times. Benezette is known for being the best location to catch a glimpse of Pennsylvania’s elk herd, the largest free-roaming elk herd east of the Mississippi River.  We have seen elk during past visits.  Unfortunately, we didn’t see any elk during this trip.

_LG17617 4x6Fuel Stop at Benezette Store

_LG17626 4x6Leaving the Benezette Store, we turned right on PA Route 555 and continued our ride to Driftwood.

_LG17627 4x6The scenery along PA Route 555 is beautiful.

_LG17634 4x6Another scenic vista, while on PA Route 555.

_LG17636 4x6the borough of Driftwood
Crossing over the Driftwood Branch of the Sinnemahoning Creek
Picturesque view of creek, railroad bridge and hills beyond

_LG17638 4x6the borough of Driftwood
nearing the end of PA Route 555

_LG17639 4x6the borough of Driftwood
PA Route 555 ends here; PA Route 120 begins here.

We followed PA Route 120 East to the village of Sinnemahoning, PA.

_LG17641 4x6This is the Sinnemahoning Creek Bridge.
We crossed over the Sinnemahoning Creek Bridge and
followed Wycoff Run Road (PA Route 2001) to the Hoover Farm Wildlife Viewing Area.

_LG17643 4x6Crossing the Sinnemahoning Creek Bridge
I am happy that it was a sunny, dry day.
I do not like crossing this type of bridge on a rainy day!

_LG17645 4x6PA Route 2001, from Sinnemahoning to the Quehanna Highway, is a nice road
with lots of sweepers and beautiful scenery.

_LG17650 4x6


After an approximate 10-mile ride on PA Route 2001 we reached Quehanna Highway (PA Route 2004), which we crossed over to enter the Hoover Farm Wildlife Viewing Area.

_LG17654 4x6We made a rest stop at the Hoover Farm Wildlife Viewing Area.
We didn’t walk into the woods to look for any wildlife.

_LG17662 4x6Some of our friends at the Hoover Farm Wildlife Viewing Area

_LG17664 4x6“The King” joined us on our ride. 🙂

I noticed this gentleman, while at the bike show before leaving on our ride.  I did a double take then, amazed by his resemblance to Elvis Presley.  I saw him again during our fuel stop in Benezette.  I even pointed him out to friends and asked if they thought he resembled Elvis Presley (they thought so too).  Well, during our stop at the Hoover Farm Wildlife Viewing Area, I could no longer contain my curiosity.   I walked up to this man and said: “I have to ask you a question.  Has anyone ever told you that you look like Elvis Presley?”  He chuckled, pulled out his wallet and handed me a business card.

That’s so cool!

Leaving Hoover Farm we turned left onto Quehanna Highway (PA Route 2004).  Several miles later we, once again, crossed over the Sinnemahoning Creek at Medix Run and turned left onto PA Route 555.

_LG17666 4x6Riding Quehanna Highway

_LG17669 4x6
Quehanna Highway ends in Medix Run, PA.

_LG17675 4x6We turned left onto PA Route 555 in Medix Run.

_LG17676 4x6The approach to PA Route 555 was a bit challenging, due to the steep incline!


We returned from the approximate 90-mile ride around 4:00 pm and enjoyed a meal of hot dogs, baked beans and pasta salad provided by the Challingsworth’s.

We left for our ride back home about an hour later.

20150823_210556097_iOSWe made a fuel stop at Sheetz in Ridgway, PA.

Leaving Sheetz, we picked up U.S. Route 219, which we followed through Johnsonburg, PA. In Wilcox, PA we picked up PA Route 321, which we followed to Longhouse Drive. We followed Longhouse National Scenic Drive to Pennsylvania Route 59. We turned left onto Route 59 and made a rest stop at Kinzua Point.

Johnsonburg Paper Mill

20150823_221110198_iOSApproaching PA Route 59 from Longhouse Drive

20150823_221333052_iOSWe made a rest stop at Kinzua Point.
Are you wondering what Paul (on the left) is pointing to?
Notice, too, that Scott and Donna are looking in the direction to which Paul points.
Wait until you see what we saw VERY SOON after our stop ….





20150823_221338630_iOSThis is not something one sees everyday at the Allegheny Reservoir!

We didn’t see only one C-130 airplane pass over either!

A second C-130 airplane!

We returned home around 7:00 pm. We had a very good time.  I am happy that Bob and I decided to attend Jim Challingworth’s vintage bike meet and ride.  We enjoyed the round-trip ride from Warren, PA to Ridgway, PA with our friends.  The bike meet was well attended, with lots of very nice and well cared for vintage bikes on display.  I especially enjoyed the 90-mile scenic ride.  Many of the places we passed through on the ride were places I had heard of only from wildlife and nature photographer friends.  I am already planning a return trip to explore the area in a more leisurely fashion, which means lots more stops to enjoy the wildlife and beauty of the area!

Tuesday Night Ice Cream Ride

We went on a motorcycle ride Tuesday evening (Aug. 18th) with our 2 Scoop CycleTherapy group friends.

As usual, we met at the North Warren playground parking lot and departed from there at 6:00 pm.  Our group consisted of eight motorcycles and 15 riders.

Our first stop was at the Tom Erlandson Overview Park in Frewsburg, NY.

Erlandson Overview Park

From the Erlandson Overview Park we rode to the Busti Victorian Hall for ice cream.

As always, time spent with this group of friends is time well spent!


Ice Cream Ride to The Igloo

Yesterday evening Bob and I went for a ride with our 2 Scoop CycleTherapy friends.

We gathered at the North Warren Playground parking lot, with an expected departure at 6:00 pm.


We rode into Russell and then took Fox Hill Road into Scandia.  We followed Warren-Onoville Road to Gurnsey Hollow Road to Oak Hill Road.

Uh-oh! Pavement ends!

Oops!  Before reaching Oak Hill Road, though, we took a wrong turn and encountered a Pavement Ends sign.  Last year we followed the leader down a road, with the same sign.  Paul, who was our leader on this ride as well as last year’s ride, didn’t lead us down this road!  We turned around!  Soon after we turned around, Paul relinquished his leader status to George 🙂

Conversation at Intersection
From this point on, George (on the right) led the group.

George led us up Oak Hill Road to the Tom Erlandson Overview Park.

We had a good turnout for our Tuesday night ride.

From the park we rode to The Igloo in Frewsburg, NY for ice cream.

It was a very good ride on a very nice evening.  I am looking forward to the next ride!

Here, to the best of my recollection, is a map of our ride from our starting point in North Warren to The Igloo in Frewsburg,

An Unexpected Photo Opportunity

Yesterday evening Bob and I went for a motorcycle ride with our 2 Scoop Cycletherapy friends. We met at the North Warren playground parking lot at 6:00 pm.

the staging area for Thursday night’s ride

It was a nice night for a ride, and we had a good turnout. There were eleven bikes and 18 riders. We rode to Mayville, NY (not a direct route) and stopped at the Lakeside Park. There was a Kiss tribute band performing at the park, which provided an unexpected photo opportunity.

Donna and Scott with “Gene Simmons” from the KISS Tribute Band, Mizzbehavin’

The KISS Tribute Band, Mizzbehavin’, was good.  We learned that there is music in the park during the Summer each Thursday night, beginning at 6:30 pm.

Oh, and I captured a group picture of all of us, too, at the Mayville Lakeside Park.

Group Picture

From Mayville we rode to Busti, where we stopped for ice cream at the Busti Victorian Hall. The Victorian Hall serves Perry’s Ice Cream. I tried a new-to-me ice cream flavor – Rocky Mountain Raspberry (white chocolate ice cream, almond raspberry fudge chunks, and raspberry swirls). It was very good; I will order that flavor again. We returned home at 9:30 pm.

Ice Cream Ride to Kane, PA

We went on a motorcycle ride with our 2 Scoop CycleTherapy friends on Thursday, July 2.

North Warren Playground parking lot

We departed the North Warren Playground parking lot at 6:00 pm. Paul usually leads our ice cream rides; however, sometimes another member of the group volunteers to lead.  On this particular ride Steve, who is new to the group, led the ride. Our ice cream rides end before dark, with very few exceptions.  Thursday’s ride was longer than usual. This map is my best recollection of our route.

We rode almost to Chapman Dam State Park on back roads, on roads that Bob thought were gravel roads but had been paved. Before reaching Chapman Dam, we turned in the opposite direction.  We rode into Clarendon and followed U.S. Route 6 to Cherry Grove Road.  Before reaching Pennsylvania Route 666 we rode past the Minister Creek Recreation Area, where a 15-year-old girl was killed recently when she was struck by a falling tree during a thunderstorm.  Bob and I didn’t realize we were in that location until later.  At the time, we made the comment it looked like a tornado had come through the area.

We kept thinking we would head into Sheffield and get ice cream at the Frosty Chalet, which would be on our way back home. We rode all the way to Kane to Texas Hot Lunch! We pulled into the parking lot, but only to say bye. We bailed on the ride at this point. We weren’t the only ones who bailed on the ride. Another couple bailed on the ride before reaching Texas Hot Lunch.  We returned home at 8:45 pm. We wouldn’t have returned home until well after 9:00 pm, if we had not bailed on the ride.

The highlights of the ride included the gorgeous scenery on roads less traveled and when we saw two bears at Blue Jay Creek. I saw only one bear, standing on Blue Jay Creek Road. There was another bear in the woods that I didn’t see. Both bears had been in the creek. There were paw prints on the road. Someone else saw yet another bear earlier on the ride!

It is good that we bailed on the ride when we did. We wouldn’t have wanted to get home any later than we did. We had locked ourselves out of the house! We had to borrow our house key from our neighbor who watches Patches when we are away!

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