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An Unplanned Daycation

When I awakened the morning of Wednesday, October 1, I discovered that Bob had taken the day off work. Bob said that he didn’t feel like going into work, so he called his boss and asked would it would be okay if he took a vacation day.  I decided, also, to take off work (editing wedding pictures) so that I could spend the day with Bob. We went for a ride on the motorcycle.

Our first stop was for gas at Kwik Fill. Our second stop was at Tractor Supply, where Bob returned an item that he had purchased yesterday. Our third stop was at Wegmans in Jamestown, NY. While Bob was inside the store buying a couple bags of bean coffee, I was outside taking pictures of the pumpkins on display.

Pumpkins at Wegman’s

Pumpkins at Wegman’s

Pumpkins at Wegman’s

Our fourth stop was at Van Tuil Photo & Imaging in Erie PA, where I purchased a camera bag. I have purchased so many camera bags over the years.  I can’t seem to find that one perfect bag.  I hope that this new camera bag serves its purpose well for some time to come!

From Van Tuil’s we rode to Presque Isle State Park.

We ate a picnic lunch at the lagoon picnic area.


We have visited Presque Isle State Park numerous times in the 16 years that Bob and I have been married.  There are still many places that we have not explored on the peninsula.  The lagoon picnic area was one such place.  What a lovely spot for a picnic!

Lagoon Goose

After lunch, we rode rest of the way around Presque Isle State Park. We then began our way back home.

We made three  stops on our way back home. Our first stop was while en route Findley Lake, NY.

We pulled off the side of the road so that I could take a picture of this pastoral scene.

In Findley Lake, after a refreshing glass of iced coffee and a cookie for Bob and a glass of iced tea and a muffin for me, we took a very short walk along the main street.

Swartz Mill

At one time a horizontal water wheel furnished power for both a saw mill and a grist mill at this site.  This vertical waterwheel has been constructed near the site of the original. I believe the only purpose of the present waterwheel is that of a tourist attraction.

Findley Lake

Our last stop before returning home was at Chautauqua Institution, where we admired the color Autumn foliage across Chautauqua Lake.

Looking across Chautauqua Lake from Chautauqua Institution

It was a wonderful unplanned daycation for Bob and me.  Before too long we will be putting the motorcycle away for the Winter.  I am happy that we were able to take advantage of this beautiful day by sharing an activity that we both enjoy!

Wednesday Night Ride Around Chautauqua Lake

Bob and I went on a motorcycle ride Wednesday evening (July 9) with friends.

Sixteen people with nine motorcycles and one car met at the North Warren Presbyterian Church parking lot.  We were ready to roll at 6:00 pm.

We rode around Chautauqua Lake.   Bob prepared this map of our route.

Our first stop was in Mayville NY at the Mayville Lakeside Park.

Mayville Lakeside Park

Scott and Donna at Mayville Lakeside Park

Mandy and Shawn at Mayville Lakeside Park

Mayville Lakeside Park

After admiring the view and a few photographs,we were on our way once again on our ride around Chautauqua Lake. On our Wednesday night rides, we always stop for ice cream. Our ice cream stop was at The Springs in Maple Springs NY, located across from the Midway Amusement Park.

The Springs

It was another wonderful Wednesday night ride. I am looking forward to the next one!

An Afternoon Spent Meandering Here and There

Saturday morning (September 18th) I had my hair cut and colored. My hair sure needed attention; it looked so dull before my hair appointment. Afterward my hair looked great. It looked great even after having a helmet covering it most of the day.

Bob and I went on a motorcycle ride after my hair appointment. We rode approximately 150 miles, meandering here and there but never more than 30 miles or so from home. We were gone from 11:00 AM until approximately 5:30 PM. We rode past Kinzua Dam and around Allegheny Reservoir. Our first stop was at the Riverview-Corydon-Cornplanter Cemetery, located on a bluff overlooking Allegheny Reservoir. The individual cemeteries were moved here in 1964 before they were flooded by the Allegheny Reservoir, which was created when Kinzua Dam was completed in 1965. The Riverview-Corydon-Cornplanter Cemetery contains the remains of relatives and descendants of Seneca Chief Cornplanter, along with residents of Corydon and the surrounding area.

This is the Cornplanter Cemetery.

The tall structure is Cornplanter Monument.

The remains of Chief Cornplanter are supposedly buried under the monument.

These markers are located in Riverview Cemetery.

These markers are located in Corydon Cemetery.

There is much controversy regarding the building of Kinzua Dam.

This is a song that talks about Chief Cornplanter and the Kinzua Dam controversy.

You may also read about Chief Cornplanter and the Kinzua Dam controversy by clicking here, which will take you to a Wikipedia article on Chief Cornplanter.

The entrance to Allegany State Park in New York was a short distance from the Riverview-Corydon-Cornplanter Cemetery. Our original plans were to ride through Allegany State Park. We changed our mind, as sunny skies changed to cloudy skies. We rode to Jamestown, NY instead and ate lunch at Home Town Grill, a new restaurant that opened recently. Bob ordered wick on stick [CORRECTION: “wick on stick” should read “beef on weck sandwich”. Thank you Betsy for asking what is a wick on stick in your comment!]; I ordered a bacon cheddar cheese burger. Both our meals came with french fries. The food was good, as was the service. The prices, though, were a bit expensive — $23.46 for two.

While eating lunch the clouds gave way to sunshine, so we decided to ride around Chautauqua Lake. We drove through Mayville and stopped at the See-Zuhr House in Bemus Point for dessert. We shared a slice of Peanut Butter Hot Fudge Ice Cream Pie.
An Afternoon Spent Meandering Here and There
Bob took this picture of the ice cream pie that we shared.

After eating dessert, we started our ride back home. We made one other stop, at a rest area on Interstate 86 that overlooks Chautauqua Lake. The rest area is about 1 1/2 miles east of Bemus Point.

A wedding party was being photographed as we arrived at the rest area.

The bride and groom didn’t mind that I took their photograph.

Bob took this picture of me at the rest area.

I’m sporting a new hair cut and color. My hair looks pretty good even after wearing a helmet all afternoon!

If You Want Me, Sweetheart, Just Whistle

We had just arrived at Chautauqua Institution in Chautauqua, New York, when I heard it — a ship’s whistle. I took a couple pictures at Bestor Plaza, ignoring the whistle.

Sundial at Bestor Plaza

Bestor Plaza fountain

The whistle was persistent, though, and LOUD. The whistle sounded several times, calling me. I stopped resisting the urge to see the boat with the loud whistle. We hopped in the car and drove the short distance to Chautauqua Lake.

Chautauqua Belle on Chautauqua Lake

The Chautauqua Belle is a replica of a steam-powered stern wheeler that provides tours of Chautauqua Lake. I have never ridden this boat. I would love to go on a ride some day! If you would like to read more about the Chautauqua Belle, you may do so by clicking here.

Day Trip Along Shores of Lake Erie and Chautauqua Lake

Bob and I spent a few hours yesterday afternoon driving along the shores of Lake Erie and Chautauqua Lake in New York. We drove a distance of approximately 119 miles according to the route that we traveled.

Our first stop was in Dunkirk, where we visited the historic Dunkirk Lighthouse and various points of interest along Chadwick Bay. The Dunkirk Lighthouse is located at Point Gratiot on Lake Erie. We had two admission fees to choose from: $6.00 for a Lighthouse, museum & grounds guided tour or $1.00 for grounds only. We chose to walk the grounds.

Dunkirk Lighthouse and Attached Light Keeper’s House
The lighthouse and keeper’s house were built in 1875-1876. The lighthouse is 61 feet tall.

In addition to the lighthouse and the light keeper’s house we saw boats, anchors, a tank, a ship’s bell, and a bottle-necked beacon pier light as we walked the grounds.

Before departing Dunkirk, we visited several points of interest along Chadwick Bay — a memorial park, the marina and Wright Park Beach.

Memorial Park
Lake Shore Drive East (Rt. 5)

Chadwick Bay Marina

Chadwick Bay Goose

This goose was daring me to take one more step towards him. Did I? Would You? I snapped my picture and stepped BACK.

Wright Park beach

Our second stop was at Barcelona Harbor. There are two main attractions at Barcelona Harbor — the Sea Lion and the Barcelona Lighthouse. The Sea Lion is a reproduction of a late 16th century British three-mast, square-rigged sailing vessel, faithfully built in the same manner as actual ships of the time. The ship building effort took several years and several persons to complete.  The Sea Lion was officially commissioned on Chautauqua Lake in 1985. The ship was sold in 1992 to the Buffalo Maritime Society, where it was operated until it sank at its moorings in 1999. Local divers and other concerned citizens raised the ship in 2000, towing her back to Barcelona. The ship is dry docked while being restored.

The Sea Lion

The Sea Lion’s restoration is progressing nicely, as you can see by looking at this photograph of her that I took in July 2003. It is hoped that the Sea Lion will sail again.

 Barcelona Sea Lion in Jul03Barcelona Sea Lion in Jul03

Barcelona Harbor’s second main attraction is the Barcelona Lighthouse. The Barcelona Lighthouse was the first lighthouse in the world to be lit by natural gas.

Barcelona Lighthouse and Light Keeper’s House

Barcelona Lighthouse and Harbor

When we departed Barcelona Harbor we left Lake Erie behind, turning inland towards Westfield. We passed through Westfield and continued on to Mayville, located on the north end of Chautauqua Lake.

Our first view of Chautauqua Lake

We made our third stop in Mayville beside a house at which several sculptures, large and small, occupied the front yard.

Sculpture by Kirsten Engstrom

Sculpture by Kirsten Engstrom

Sculpture by Kirsten Engstrom

Sculpture by Kirsten Engstrom

Sculpture by Kirsten Engstrom

Sculpture by Kirsten Engstrom

Sculpture by Kirsten Engstrom

I discovered today, via an Internet search, that these sculptures were built by Kirsten Engstrom. In my research I found Ms. Engstrom’s biography at the Discover Chautauqua website.

“Kristen, sculptor, massage therapist, and teacher, was born in Philadelphia, Pa. in 1944. She received her B.A. in English Literature and Mathematics in 1969, her M.A. in Art in 1972 and her L.M.T. in 1996.

Seeking to broaden her education, Kirsten went abroad in 1976. The Spanish spirit, the unspoiled countryside and villages of an island off the coast of Spain – Mallorca – captured her attention. Here she put down roots and stayed 20 years.

She was director of “Es Retall”, art gallery, and school, in Palme de Mallorca, Spain 1979-82. She has developed art programs in Cultural Centers throughout Mallorca as well as taught Art at the elementary, secondary and university levels in the USA.

She has exhibited extensively abroad, in Mallorca and Barcelona and stateside in New York, Florida, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. Kirsten returned to live in the USA in 1995, and is now doing monumental outdoor sculptures in addition to her other work.

Her sculptures in clay and reinforced concrete reflect her ever-present personal involvement in everything she does. Whether it is running an Art Gallery, teaching or creating her own sculptures, she involves herself so completely in the activity that she is never quite certain if she has created “it” or “it” is in the process of creating or changing her. Both are probably true. There is definitely a back-to-earth heroic beauty in her work that has become her trademark.

Since 2000, she spends part of every year teaching in Hawaii. She spends the rest of the year building sculptures, exhibiting and teaching in New York and Florida. She loves to involve the community when she constructs a monumental piece, inviting school children and adults to observe the process, comment and participate in the creation.”

I was quite happy, also, to find a video about Ms. Engstrom and her art.

In my opinion Ms. Engstrom’s art is beautiful and brilliant! What is your impression of her art?

A Spring Afternoon Ride Around Chautauqua Lake

This past Friday (April 17th) we went for a ride, by motorcycle, around Chautauqua Lake. The Nissan was scheduled for its 120,000-mile service. I drove the Nissan to the garage in Jamestown, NY. Bob, Stacey and Stacey’s boyfriend Mike followed on their motorcycles. While the Nissan was being serviced, we rode around the lake.

Our first stop was at Bemus Point, where we took a few pictures and ate lunch.

Mike and Stacey at Bemus Point, NY

We planned to eat lunch at the Village Casino, but it was closed. As we rode into Bemus Point we had noticed a restaurant that appeared to be open. That restaurant (the See-Zurh House) was open; however, at first, we thought it too was closed. The restaurant sign said lunch was served from 11:30AM-2:00PM, and the time was 2:05PM. The restaurant bent its rules for us, as well as another group of four people. We were seated, and we were able to choose selections from the full lunch menu. A little while later two men came in; the full menu was not available to them. They were only able to order drinks and beef on weck with chips. The Sea-Zurh House serves traditional American cuisine in a casual setting. The food at the See-Zurh House was good. Mike ordered a Philly Steak sandwich with fries; Stacey ordered a Cajun Fish sandwich with fries: I ordered potato chips and a hamburger with bacon and cheese; and Bob ordered a beef on weck with fries. We ordered dessert too. Stacey had a dish of blackberry sorbet. Mike had a slice of pumpkin cheesecake. Bob and I shared a generous slice of Jeanne’s Favorite Peanut Butter Hot Fudge Ice Cream Pie. The peanut butter hot fudge ice cream pie is a customer favorite. It was delicious, and the serving size is certainly large enough for two people to share!

After lunch we continued our ride around Chautauqua Lake. We rode through Mayville and passed by Chautauqua Institution. We stopped in Stow, where we saw Liberty Lighthouse. In season you can ride a ferry across Chautauqua Lake from Stow to Bemus Point. The lake is narrow at this point, and we could easily see Bemus Point across the lake.

Stow, NY – Liberty Lighthouse and Mike’s new motorcycle
Stow, NY – Bob, Stacey and Mike’s motorcycles
Stow, NY – Liberty Lighthouse
Mike and Stacey sitting on bench
Looking across Chautauqua Lake at Bemus Point, NY
Stow, NY – Looking Across Chautauqua Lake at Bemus Point, NY
Hotel Lenhart is the yellow building.
The Village Casino is the green building.
Stow, NY – our shadows on Chautauqua Lake
Stow, NY – Bob, Mike, Stacey and I
Chautauqua Lake and Bemus Point in the background

We went our separate ways when leaving Stow. Stacey and Mike headed back home; Bob and I returned to the Nissan garage. Bob and I made one more stop before arriving at the garage. There is a rest area (very nice!) along I-86 about 2 1/2 miles from Stow. From the rest area there is a scenic overlook of Chautauqua Lake. The view is quite nice!

Chautauqua Lake Rest Area on I86

We left the rest area and returned to the Nissan garage. The 120,000 mile service for the Nissan included spark plug replacement, oil change, tire rotation, and cooling system flush. All service was completed except for the cooling system flush. Antifreeze is leaking from a hose; the hose needs to be replaced. We have to take the Nissan back to the garage next week to have the hose replaced. The garage will flush the cooling system at that time.

On Saturday I worked from 9:30AM-3:30PM. I clocked in as a customer service flex agent and remained in that position throughout my work day. As a customer service flex agent I receive telephone calls for catalog orders, as well as receive calls related to customer service issues. I place catalog orders for Solutions, Sahalie, Norm Thompson and Draper’s & Damon’s customers. The only company for which I do not receive customer service related calls is Draper’s & Damon’s. I am not trained to answer all customer service issues. In general I can locate a customer’s order, inform the customer of the status of that order, and I can make some pricing adjustments to the order. My work day went well. I even gained confidence placing Draper’s & Damon’s retail store catalog orders! The sales associates were patient with me. By the third retail store order, my proficiency handling such calls had increased substantially.

I’m happy that we were able to enjoy the beautiful spring weather over the past couple of days. Clouds rolled in overnight; today will be a rather cloudy day. The WICU12 weatherman is forecasting “occasional showers through a good portion of this week”. We are to “expect scattered rain showers Sunday night through Wednesday morning. Nice weather will return again on Thursday and last into the weekend.” We’ll have to think up something to do this weekend 🙂

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