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Overnight Getaway

We returned home late this morning from an overnight getaway.  We spent the night at Best Western in Erie PA, using a $25 gift certificate that expires later this month as partial payment.  We earned the gift certificate from a prior stay at a Best Western hotel.  I believe we will earn another $25 gift certificate from this stay.

We departed Warren shortly after 9:00 am yesterday and arrived at our hotel around 2:45 pm.  We made a few stops en route the hotel.

Before leaving Warren we stopped at Tim Hortons, where Bob purchased a cup of coffee.

Our second stop was in Findley Lake NY.  We saw nothing of interest and moved on.

Upon arriving in Erie we drove the perimeter of Presque Isle, stopping briefly to capture photographs of ducks and Canadian geese in a swamp area.

Pair of Mallard Ducks at Presque Isle State Park (Erie, PA)

Pair of Canadian Geese at Presque Isle State Park (Erie, PA)

That goose on the left was very noisy!  Two Canadian Geese, equally noisy, flew overhead just moments after I had returned to our car.

We ate lunch at Cheddars Scratch Kitchen in Erie.  Bob ordered Creamy Garlic Tilapia & Shrimp over rice, with broccoli cheese casserole and southern green beans.  I ordered a chicken tender platter, with salad and French fries.  Both meals were delicious.  

Our final stop before going to the hotel was at the Erie Zoo.  When the zoo reopened last year during the COVID pandemic, timed tickets were required for entry.  Timed tickets are required again this year, but NOT for the month of March.  We used our membership card to enter the zoo.  We went for a stroll through the zoo.  I didn’t take too many pictures.  The majority of my pictures were of an orangutan family.

Erie Zoo Wild Asia entrance

Erie Zoo Bornean Orangutans

Erie Zoo Bornean Orangutan

We had considered taking our granddaughters to the zoo, if Stacey’s employer had her scheduled to work in Erie on Monday.  We could have driven the girls to Erie, and Stacey could have taken them back home.  I am glad, though, that I did not approach Stacey with my idea.  The majority of the animals were quiet or not visible.  The merry-go-round, playground and train ride were closed, as were all the food vendors.  We will take the girls to the zoo in April, when it is warmer (and hopefully more of the zoo will be open).  Our present zoo membership expires on 30 April.  I have not yet decided, if we will renew the membership.

As I wrote earlier, we arrived at the hotel around 2:45 pm.  We checked into room 408, a two queen bed suite.  We had eaten a late lunch and knew we wouldn’t be hungry for dinner.  Other than Bob driving to a nearby fuel station to pick up water and snacks, we stayed in for rest of the day.  We had a relaxing afternoon and evening watching TV, for the most part.  We particularly liked the science fiction movie “Divergent”.  This movie is old, having been released in 2014.  We had never seen the movie and are interested in watching the next two sequels, “Insurgent” and “Allegiant”.

Now for the next day …

We were showered, dressed and had eaten breakfast by 8:00 am this morning.  Rather than grab a “grab n go” breakfast at the hotel, we ate breakfast at the nearby Cracker Barrel.  Bob ordered a double meat breakfast; I ordered Grandma’s Sampler.  Breakfast was delicious and filling.

After breakfast, we began our drive back home.  We drove home via Route 5, along the shores of Lake Erie.  We made three photo stops.

Our first stop was next door to North East Marina in North East, PA.

This lighthouse-shaped building is near the North East Marina in North East, PA.  The body of water in the background is Lake Erie.

After a quick search, I couldn’t find any information on the Internet about this building.  The next time we are in this area we plan to stop at North East Marina and make some inquiries.

Our second stop was at Barcelona Harbor in Westfield NY, where we saw more seagulls.

Seagull in Flight

This is the same Seagull in flight.

Two Seagulls

Several Seagulls

Our third stop was at Bournes Creek Falls, located a couple miles from Barcelona Harbor.

We saw Bournes Creek Falls for the first time in January.  The waterfall looked a lot different today than it did in January!


We continued on to Dunkirk NY, where we left the shores of Lake Erie and headed south.

We returned home at 11:30 am.  Our kitty, Wickett, sure was happy to see us.


Erie Zoo

While in Erie this past Wednesday, in addition to driving around Presque Isle State Park, we visited the Erie Zoo.

Since the Erie Zoo reopened in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, to gain admittance one has had to make an online reservation.  No online reservations are required for admittance throughout the month of November.  I like being able to go to the zoo on an impromptu basis.  When we arrived at the zoo, we learned that admission was free for the day.  We have a season pass, so the fact that the zoo was free that day had no bearing.  However, we did wonder if the zoo would be busy, given that admission was free.  There were very few other people at the zoo.

This is a video that Bob took with our GoPro7 camera during our visit to the Erie Zoo.

I took a few pictures too, which I will share.  Some pictures are better than others. I really do not care to take pictures through glass or fences.  I have such a difficult time capturing a good picture.  I battled with the sun, too, and it played a part in diminishing the quality of the pictures as well.

Patagonian Cavy

Barbados Blackbelly Sheep

Canadian Lynx

Amur Leopard


Southern White Rhino



Black-Handed Spider Monkey

Bornean Orangutan

All rides, Gift Shop, and concessions are closed for the season.  The zoo will close for the season on November 30th.


Presque Isle State Park

Bob and I drove to Erie PA yesterday morning. While in Erie, we visited Presque Isle State Park.  As we drove around Presque Isle, we made a few photo stops.

Our first stop was at the Presque Isle Waterworks Lighthouse.

Waterworks Lighthouse

This “lighthouse” is actually an emergency intake tower.  It is often mistaken for a lighthouse.  Bob and I have always referred to the tower as a lighthouse.

Our next photo stop was at Perry Monument.

Perry Monument

The Perry Monument commemorates the Battle of Lake Erie, in which Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry earned the Battle of 1812’s greatest naval victory.

Bob and I sat on the wall surrounding Perry Monument for a short while.  We enjoyed the bright sunshine and warm temperatures.  Boy, though, was the wind strong! I put my hood up to tame my hair that was blowing in the wind.

Bob and I at Perry Monument

Our next stop was at the North Pier Lighthouse.

North Pier Lighthouse

Seagulls were congregated in front of the lighthouse.  I am sure that they were enjoying the sunshine too.

All of a sudden several seagulls took flight!

North Pier Lighthouse

Right before taking this photograph, I had changed the settings on my camera to take pictures of birds in flight.  I had my camera poised, ready to press the shutter button.  A voice behind me said “I don’t mean to be an a$$, but …”, just as I took this photograph.

North Pier Lighthouse

I didn’t mind him being an a$$ at all!

Our last stop was at Horseshoe Pond.  There are several houseboats moored at Horseshoe Pond.

Horseshoe Pond Houseboats

Of all the houseboats at Horseshoe Pond, this houseboat with a replica of the North Pier lighthouse is my favorite.

Horseshoe Pond Houseboats

From Presque Isle we drove to the Erie Zoo, the subject of my next blog post.

Presque Isle State Park Day Trip

We left home at 10:00 am on Saturday, January 26th, en route Erie.  I did not like traveling on either Follett Run Road or Preston Road, both of which were snow covered and hilly.  The road surface for the remainder of our drive to Erie was good.  We drove to the following destinations, while in Erie:  Presque Isle State Park. Cheddars Scratch Kitchen, Best Buy and Sam’s Club.

Arriving at Presque Isle State Park, we drove around the peninsula, making a few stops along the way. 

Soon after entering the park, we noticed the trees were coated with white snow.

The snow-covered trees along Peninsula Drive were gorgeous!

We saw the new emergency intake tower, which often is mistaken for a lighthouse, at the Waterworks area.  Bob and I have always referred to the tower as a lighthouse.  I told Bob that the lighthouse was in a different spot, when we first saw it.  Bob said no it wasn’t.  I said yes it is.  Well, I am right.  I have photographic and written proof!

This was the old Waterworks Lighthouse.

The old Waterworks Lighthouse was removed in late 2017.  It is believed that the emergency intake tower was installed in the early 1900s. The valve apparatus has not been operational for decades,

The newly restored and repainted lighthouse was installed in September 2018.  It is located to the left of the original lighthouse and quite a bit forward of the sign seen in the photograph displayed above.  It was installed on land, not on water.  Donations helped to pay for the $80,000 project, with $50,000 coming from the Dan and Sallie Shipley Charitable Fund.

This is the new Waterworks Lighthouse.

Jayme, one of Bob’s coworkers, told Bob that he would be ice fishing on either Misery Bay or Horseshoe Pond.  We planned to walk across the ice to where Jayme was fishing.  As it turned out, Jayme didn’t go to Presque Isle to ice fish, as he had heard that the ice wasn’t good.  There were some ice fishing huts both on Misery Bay and Horseshoe Pond.

Horseshoe Pond Houseboats and Ice Fishing Hut

This houseboat with a replica of the North Pier Lighthouse is my favorite of all the houseboats on Horseshoe Pond.

Panoramic Image of some of the houseboats on Horseshoe Pond and Ice Fishing Huts

Continuing around Presque Isle we stopped at the Waterworks area, located across Peninsula Drive from where we had stopped earlier to admire the new Waterworks Lighthouse.  We were on the lake side of the peninsula.

Lake Erie

Today was Snow Day at Presque Isle State Park.  At the event, organized by the Presque Isle Partnership, visitors could enjoy everything from dog sled and snow show demonstrations, to outdoor cooking and ice fishing.  Our interest in stopping at this event was to see a dog sled demonstration, which we did. 

Bob captured video of the dog sled demonstration, while I captured still images.  Bob’s video is short, only a little over a minute.  So please do click on the play button!



Dog Sled Demo at Presque Isle Snow Day event


Shortly before the dog sled demo we petted one of the Siberian Huskies, a beautiful girl named Meeka.  She was really soft!  Meeka was the lead dog in the dog sled demonstration that we watched.

From Presque Isle State Park we drove to Cheddars Scratch Kitchen, where we ate lunch.  Bob ordered from the “Lighter Side”.  The entree Bob chose was bourbon-glazed grilled salmon over seasoned rice, broccoli cheese casserole and a house salad.  I ordered from “Comfort Food”.  My entree was homemade chicken pot pie with a house salad.  We enjoyed both of our meals.

From Cheddars we drove to Best Buy.  In June 2017 I purchased a 10.5 in. 256 GB iPad Pro tablet.  At the time I was in a quandary.  Do I buy the 10.5 in. tablet or the bigger, more expensive 12.9 in. tablet.  I chose the 10.5 in. tablet because I thought the larger tablet would be too big for me.  In hindsight, I should have purchased the 12.9 in. tablet.  Well, today, I purchased a new 12.9 in. 256 GB iPad Pro tablet, along with a Smart Keyboard case and Apple Pencil.  The Smart Keyboard case was not in stock.  I am expecting delivery of the Smart Keyboard case by Tuesday, Jan. 29th.  The new Apple Pencil attaches magnetically to my iPad, a feature that I love.  So, I am a happy owner of a new iPad Pro tablet!  I plan to sell my 10.5 in. iPad Pro, along with its keyboard and pencil, as a package in the near future.

From Best Buy we drove to Sam’s Club, where we picked up a few groceries.  We renewed our Sam’s Club membership in December last year, after allowing the membership to lapse a few months prior when Sam’s Club closed in Jamestown, NY.  The Sam’s Club in Erie is farther for us to drive than it was for us to go to Sam’s Club in Jamestown.  After several months without a membership, we decided that we go to Erie often enough that a Sam’s Club membership would be worthwhile.  Besides I miss some of the foods and paper products that we would buy at Sam’s Club.  The reason for driving to Erie on Saturday was to go to Sam’s Club.

From Sam’s Club we made our way back home.  I didn’t believe snow was in Saturday’s forecast.  Well, it snowed the whole way back home!

Roar on the Shore 2015

Bob and I went rode to Erie on Saturday, July 18, to attend this year’s Roar on the Shore event. This year marks the ninth year that this event has been held in Erie. According to the “Roar on the Shore” website, this motorcycle rally was created to serve as a fund-raising event for a local charity. Proceeds from this year’s rally will benefit Erie Homes for Children and Adults’ Project First Step. “Roar on the Shore” was a 4-day event this year (Wednesday-Saturday) and was held in downtown Erie, at Perry Square.  On Sunday morning a Biker Breakfast and Blessing of the Bikes was held at Presque Isle Downs & Casino.

On Saturday, after parking in Erie, just behind Perry Square, we checked out the wares at the vendor booths. Bob would have bought a pair of sunglasses and a hat, if he would have found any to his liking and affordable. If I hadn’t forgotten to do so, I would have purchased a Roar on the Shore t-shirt. As in past years, there were lots of motorcycles parked along State Street to wander among and admire.

After getting our fill of vendor wares and looking at motorcycles, we walked down to Molly Brannigans Irish Pub & Restaurant for lunch. Bob ordered a Buffalo Chicken Wrap (fried chicken tenders, cheddar-jack cheese, tomatoes, lettuce & buffalo sauce in a warm tortilla wrap), with Coleslaw. I ordered a Pub Burger (8 oz angus reserve ground beef grilled to your liking & loaded with cheddar, bacon, sauteed onions, lettuce, tomato, guinness bbq sauce on a toasted kaiser), with French Fries. Our respective meals were delicious and very filling.

After lunch we staked claim to the location from where we would watch that afternoon’s entertainment.  We stood in place for a little more than an hour.  While waiting for the entertainment to begin, I heard someone near me make a comment about the Pittsburgh Steelers.  I looked in the direction the man pointed and saw a man dressed in a Pittsburgh Steelers outfit.  I didn’t know who the man was, but I took his picture.  When I returned home, I performed a short investigative search on the Internet and determined the identity of the man in the Pittsburgh Steelers outfit.

former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Louis Lipps

At 2:00 pm we watched a Stunt Show Featuring Brian Bubash and Friends. Professional stunt riding and tire-burning maneuvers were the features of the stunt show. The stunt show was entertaining.  I took several photographs during the show.  I am sharing those photographs in the remainder of this blog post.

Stunt Show Featuring Brian Bubash and Friends

Stunt Show Featuring Brian Bubash and Friends

Stunt Show Featuring Brian Bubash and Friends

Near the end of the stunt show, a car was brought into action.

The stunt show was quite entertaining.  I hope that you enjoyed looking at some of the photographs and video that I took during the show.

We had a good time at Roar on the Shore.  We haven’t attended the motorcycle event every year.  When we do attend Roar on the Shore we don’t stay in the Erie area for the entire event, as many do. We ride up for the day (or a few hours).   We do enjoy ourselves for the time that we are there!

The Power of Social Media

Bride and Groom at Dobbins Landing

Bob and I were at Dobbins Landing in Erie, PA on the afternoon of Saturday, June 6th. I snapped the picture shown above of this lovely bride and handsome groom, while there. Someone asked if the picture would be placed on Facebook. I answered “yes”. Having no way to find this couple on my own, I posted the photograph on a local News/Media Facebook page on Thursday, June 11th, at 1:05 pm.  I requested fans of that page to share the photograph. I wondered how long it would take until this newly married couple would be found.

On Sunday, June 14, at 12:24 am Trista B. tagged Barb S.  At 9:53 am Barb S. left a comment stating that she has no idea who they were; she was just there with Steve and Stevie.

On Monday, June 15, at approximately 2:50 pm Mary K. left the comment “I know the groom’s Grandma”. Mary and I conversed briefly with each other.  I learned that the groom’s grandma is not on Facebook, but Mary will share the picture with her.

At approximately 8:50 pm, Nicole S. left the comment “I know the Groom’s mom. I shared the pic with her. The pic made it’s way to the couple and Groom’s mom all the way to Butler, Pa! The Groom’s mom says thank you for the beautiful pic!”

At approximately 9:30 pm the groom’s mother, Kathy S. left the following comment: “ Thank you so much Linda! The pic is great and the kids will love it.”

So, in a little more than 4 days this newly married couple was found.  Isn’t the power of social media impressive!

Matt and Rachele, I wish the two of you many years of happiness!

Presque Isle State Park and Dinner Out

On Saturday, June 6th, Bob and I went for a motorcycle ride that added 190 miles to our odometer.  We left home around 11:00 am and didn’t return home until after 7:00 pm. We rode to Lake Erie State Park, where we enjoyed a picnic with a view.

From Lake Erie State Park we rode west along Lake Erie, via Route 5, en route Presque Isle State Park in Erie, PA. We made two photo stops. Our first photo stop was at Barcelona Harbor in Westfield, NY.  Our second photo stop was at Dobbins Landing in Erie.

From Dobbins Landing we rode to Presque Isle State Park.  We made several stops during our ride around the peninsula.

We stopped at the Presque Isle Marina.

We saw the marina for the first time this Winter.  Saturday was the first time we had seen boats at the marina.

We stopped at the North Pier Lighthouse.  I have taken lots of photographs of the lighthouse over the years.  The majority of the photographs have been taken, while standing on the pier.  I wanted to capture the view from another vantage point.  Instead of walking along the pier, we headed in the opposite direction along the North Pier Trail.  This trail follows the shoreline between North Pier and Beach 11, along one of the sand ridges.   There were several paths along the way, leading to the lake shore.

The first path I found led to a very narrow sand beach.
I decided to take a photograph of the lighthouse from the trail.

This path led to a wider beach.

The lake was a little bit choppy.

Bob took this photograph of me on the beach, with the lighthouse in the background.

In the opposite direction of the lighthouse,
I saw two young people who were enjoying a walk along the lake shore.

One last photograph of the North Pier Lighthouse

Our last stop, while at Presque Isle State Park, was at the Presque Isle Lighthouse.

Presque Isle Lighthouse

The lighthouse wasn’t the only attraction for me.  The beach was of interest too.

Presque Isle beaches are beautiful.
I have seen and photographed these trees so many times.
The trees still attract my attention.

This “beach art” was a new sight for me.

Does this look like an animal’s head to you?

From Presque Isle State Park we rode to Peach Street, where we ate dinner at the Texas Roadhouse. I ordered a 6 oz. Sirloin Steak with a fully loaded baked potato and House Salad. Bob ordered a Rib-eye Steak with. House Salad and Broccoli. Both meals were excellent.

Thus concludes our day ride along the shores of Lake Erie.


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