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An All-Day Motorcycle Ride

Bob and I, along with two other couples, went on an all-day motorcycle ride on Saturday. We left home at 7:30 am and returned home about 12 hours later. We rode 266 miles.

We rode to Leonard Harrison State Park in Wellsboro. We made two stops en route the park. Our first stop was in Smethport, along Route 6.

Smethport, PA

We had just ridden over several miles of Route 59 that was tarred & chipped. This stop was to stretch and to commiserate with each other about having to ride over a road surface that had been recently tarred and chipped. Bob, Paul and John were driving at speeds to minimize the effects of fresh tar and chips to the motorcycles. People passing us drove too fast, disregarding what could happen, as they sprayed chips in our direction. Bob heard gravel hit our motorcycle. He thought the gravel hit the windshield. When he checked, he didn’t find a ding in the windshield. Bob said if the motorcycle sustained a ding, he will find it when he washes the bike. I hope none of the motorcycles received dings from flying gravel.

We did see immediate injury from a flying piece of gravel, though.

Paul was hit in the cheek with a flying chip. He sustained a small cut. Thankfully, his injury wasn’t any worse!

Our second stop was a fuel stop at Sheetz in Coudersport.

There is a very pretty park near Sheetz in Coudersport.
The park is where I took this very nice photograph of Debbie and Paul.

Oh no!  Not again!
We had no alternative but to ride on this road.
We were on the road leading into Leonard Harrison State Park.

We took our time admiring the view of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, while at Leonard Harrison State Park.

Pennsylvania Grand Canyon

Leonard Harrison State Park

John, Carol, Bob and I

It was John and Carol’s first visit to Wellsboro. They liked the ride to the park, as well as the views from the park itself.

From Leonard Harrison State Park we rode into Wellsboro and ate lunch at the Wellsboro Diner. The diner was crowded, when we arrived. There was a booth available in the main part of the diner and a round table in the gift shop area. We chose the round table, as it provided more room and was in a quieter location. Everyone except for Bob ordered cheeseburgers and fries. Bob ordered a steak sandwich and onion rings. Lunch was very good.

On our way back home we made three stops. We made a fuel stop in Port Allegheny and we stopped for ice cream in Mt. Jewett. In between those two stops we visited Kinzua Bridge State Park. We walked across the Kinzua Skywalk.

Kinzua Skywalk

Remains of Kinzua Bridge, after tornado

It is quite an experience to walk out onto those blocks of glass.  I am smiling here.  I wasn’t smiling a few minutes before this photograph was taken.  I probably had a look of surprise on my face at that time, as Bob, Paul and John jumped up and down on the block of glass that I was standing on!


Paul is peering down to the forest floor below the bridge.

All six of us on the Kinzua Bridge Skywalk

We hung around the Kinzua Bridge Skywalk for a while. It was fun to watch and listen to people’s reactions, as they contemplated whether or not to walk on the blocks of glass from which you could see way, way down to the forest floor.

Oh, I almost forgot.  While riding en route Port Allegheny, Bob had to dodge flying square pieces of slab wood. He rode over one. Thankfully, we didn’t blow a tire and, more importantly, none of us were injured!

We had an amazing day with great friends. We enjoyed the ride, the laughter, the fun and making memories with our friends. Bob and I have visited Leonard Harrison State Park many times since we were married. We have enjoyed the beauty there together, alone.  Saturday was the first time that Bob and I were able to share the beauty of the view of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon from Leonard Harrison State Park with friends.

An All-Day Motorcycle Ride

In the late afternoon on Friday, July 24th, a friend posted a status in the 2 Scoop CycleTherapy Facebook group, asking if anyone wanted to go to Springville, NY to the vintage motorcycle museum at Northeast Vintage Cycle. Bob and I said that we would go. We left home at 8:30 Saturday morning and departed from Herb’s house in Scandia at 9:00 am.

We rode to Springville, making one brief stop (a stretching break) along Route 219 in Ellicottville, NY.


There was a pretty flower bed near where we stopped in Ellicottville.

We located Northeast Vintage Cycle without any difficulty. Unfortunately the store/museum was closed and will be closed for the next two Saturdays, while the owners attend vintage motorcycle shows in the area.

We turned around and rode back to Ellicottville. Prior to reaching Ellicottville, we stopped at Griffis Sculpture Park (Rohr Hill Road Site) in Ashford Hollow.

Griffis Sculpture Park – Rohr Hill Entrance

Griffis Sculpture Park – Rohr Hill Entrance

Griffis Sculpture Park – Rohr Hill Entrance

Griffis Sculpture Park – Rohr Hill Entrance

Griffis Sculpture Park – Rohr Hill Entrance

Griffis Sculpture Park – Rohr Hill Entrance

Griffis Sculpture Park – Rohr Hill Entrance

We walked among the towering sculptures set in fields and woods just off the road.

Rohr Hill Sculpture

Griffis Sculpture Park – Rohr Hill Entrance

It was Herb’s first visit to Griffis Sculpture Park, and he enjoyed the visit. A question that kept coming to mind, while he walked in the park was “why?”.  This Wikipedia article provides the following explanation for “why”.

“The idea for an outdoor sculpture museum came to artist Larry Griffis while he was touring Italy with his family. While watching his children play on the ruins of Emperor Hadrian’s villa, Griffis realized the value of interactive art. As Simon Griffis recalls, his father said, “This is absolutely remarkable. Look at my kids. I’ve taken them to the finest museums and galleries but they’ve come alive in this environment where they can interact and they can smell the flowers and they can touch things.”

Upon returning to the United States, Larry Griffis looked at many possible sites for the park, but had a vision that included site-specific terrain. He required a combination of valleys, woods, lake and open space. Kissing Bridge Ski Resort and Lewiston’s Art Park were possible candidates for the vision, but were passed over by the artist.

In 1966, Griffis purchased 100 acres…of Ashford Hollow in the Southern Tier of Western New York and placed 15 of his own 25 feet…welded steel works on a hillside along a country road. The Ashford Hollow Foundation acquired another 325 acres…and drummed up commissions for additional sculptures.”


We made a fuel stop in Ellicottville, and then continued on Route 219 to Bradford, PA. In Bradford we turned onto Route 346 and headed toward the Allegheny Reservoir.

We stopped briefly at Marilla Reservoir.

Marilla Bridges Trail

It was Herb’s first visit to Marilla Reservoir.


From Marilla Reservoir we stopped for lunch at the Giordano’s Corydon Hotel. We planned to stop at The Willows, but the place was packed FULL of motorcycles and motorcyclists participating in the annual Kids & Cancer Benefit Run. Lunch at the Corydon Hotel was a good choice. Herb and I enjoyed our burgers. Bob enjoyed his Cajun Chicken Salad.

Our last stop before parting ways was at Kinzua Dam.

Kinzua Dam

Herb headed home via Dorcan Road. Bob and I decided to take a ride to the other side of Kinzua Dam.

We got up close and personal to Kinzua Dam, the closest I have ever been!

We returned home at 4:00 pm. We rode 196 miles. It was a beautiful day for a ride. The ride was most enjoyable, even though its original purpose was not realized.

Ice Cream Ride to The Igloo

Yesterday evening Bob and I went for a ride with our 2 Scoop CycleTherapy friends.

We gathered at the North Warren Playground parking lot, with an expected departure at 6:00 pm.


We rode into Russell and then took Fox Hill Road into Scandia.  We followed Warren-Onoville Road to Gurnsey Hollow Road to Oak Hill Road.

Uh-oh! Pavement ends!

Oops!  Before reaching Oak Hill Road, though, we took a wrong turn and encountered a Pavement Ends sign.  Last year we followed the leader down a road, with the same sign.  Paul, who was our leader on this ride as well as last year’s ride, didn’t lead us down this road!  We turned around!  Soon after we turned around, Paul relinquished his leader status to George 🙂

Conversation at Intersection
From this point on, George (on the right) led the group.

George led us up Oak Hill Road to the Tom Erlandson Overview Park.

We had a good turnout for our Tuesday night ride.

From the park we rode to The Igloo in Frewsburg, NY for ice cream.

It was a very good ride on a very nice evening.  I am looking forward to the next ride!

Here, to the best of my recollection, is a map of our ride from our starting point in North Warren to The Igloo in Frewsburg,

Roar on the Shore 2015

Bob and I went rode to Erie on Saturday, July 18, to attend this year’s Roar on the Shore event. This year marks the ninth year that this event has been held in Erie. According to the “Roar on the Shore” website, this motorcycle rally was created to serve as a fund-raising event for a local charity. Proceeds from this year’s rally will benefit Erie Homes for Children and Adults’ Project First Step. “Roar on the Shore” was a 4-day event this year (Wednesday-Saturday) and was held in downtown Erie, at Perry Square.  On Sunday morning a Biker Breakfast and Blessing of the Bikes was held at Presque Isle Downs & Casino.

On Saturday, after parking in Erie, just behind Perry Square, we checked out the wares at the vendor booths. Bob would have bought a pair of sunglasses and a hat, if he would have found any to his liking and affordable. If I hadn’t forgotten to do so, I would have purchased a Roar on the Shore t-shirt. As in past years, there were lots of motorcycles parked along State Street to wander among and admire.

After getting our fill of vendor wares and looking at motorcycles, we walked down to Molly Brannigans Irish Pub & Restaurant for lunch. Bob ordered a Buffalo Chicken Wrap (fried chicken tenders, cheddar-jack cheese, tomatoes, lettuce & buffalo sauce in a warm tortilla wrap), with Coleslaw. I ordered a Pub Burger (8 oz angus reserve ground beef grilled to your liking & loaded with cheddar, bacon, sauteed onions, lettuce, tomato, guinness bbq sauce on a toasted kaiser), with French Fries. Our respective meals were delicious and very filling.

After lunch we staked claim to the location from where we would watch that afternoon’s entertainment.  We stood in place for a little more than an hour.  While waiting for the entertainment to begin, I heard someone near me make a comment about the Pittsburgh Steelers.  I looked in the direction the man pointed and saw a man dressed in a Pittsburgh Steelers outfit.  I didn’t know who the man was, but I took his picture.  When I returned home, I performed a short investigative search on the Internet and determined the identity of the man in the Pittsburgh Steelers outfit.

former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Louis Lipps

At 2:00 pm we watched a Stunt Show Featuring Brian Bubash and Friends. Professional stunt riding and tire-burning maneuvers were the features of the stunt show. The stunt show was entertaining.  I took several photographs during the show.  I am sharing those photographs in the remainder of this blog post.

Stunt Show Featuring Brian Bubash and Friends

Stunt Show Featuring Brian Bubash and Friends

Stunt Show Featuring Brian Bubash and Friends

Near the end of the stunt show, a car was brought into action.

The stunt show was quite entertaining.  I hope that you enjoyed looking at some of the photographs and video that I took during the show.

We had a good time at Roar on the Shore.  We haven’t attended the motorcycle event every year.  When we do attend Roar on the Shore we don’t stay in the Erie area for the entire event, as many do. We ride up for the day (or a few hours).   We do enjoy ourselves for the time that we are there!

Ride to Linesville Spillway

We spent the morning and part of the afternoon of Friday, July 3, riding. We ate breakfast at the Perkins Restaurant here in Warren. We were on our way to Linesville, PA shortly before 9:00 am.

We made a couple photo stops en route Linesville. We stopped in Spartansburg, PA.

Clear Lake in Spartansburg, PA

As we were parking in Spartansburg, the first thing I noticed was this little horse and small Amish buggy.  The building in the background is the Dutch Treat Restaurant.  We have eaten in this restaurant a couple times.  The food is plentiful and tastes great!

From Spartansburg, we rode to Conneaut Lake, PA.  We stopped at Ice House Park, where there is a very nice view of the lake and boats.

Conneaut Lake, approaching Ice House Park


Conneaut Lake

My intention was to walk the length of Ice House Park and take a few pictures of Conneaut Lake from different perspectives.  Two dogs, though, caught and held my attention soon after we arrived.

What a pretty dog!

I discovered that this dog jumped one time from the dock into the water.  The jump frightened the dog, and it will no longer jump off the dock into the water.

On the other hand, the dog’s companion had no fear of jumping off the dock into the water!

The dog retrieved a toy that was thrown into the water.

The dog brought the toy to land.

The white dog has no fear of water, only fears jumping into the water from the dock!

I enjoyed very much watching these two dogs play with each other!

From Conneaut Lake we rode to Linesville Spillway at the Pymatuning Reservoir, where it is said ducks walk on the fish.  We saw lots and lots of carp and geese and a few ducks.

From Linesville, we began our ride back home. We stopped for lunch at Hoss’s Steak and Seahouse in Meadville, PA and made a fuel stop in Titusville, PA.  We returned home around 3:00 pm. The ride wore us out. We napped for about 3 hours!

Ice Cream Ride to Kane, PA

We went on a motorcycle ride with our 2 Scoop CycleTherapy friends on Thursday, July 2.

North Warren Playground parking lot

We departed the North Warren Playground parking lot at 6:00 pm. Paul usually leads our ice cream rides; however, sometimes another member of the group volunteers to lead.  On this particular ride Steve, who is new to the group, led the ride. Our ice cream rides end before dark, with very few exceptions.  Thursday’s ride was longer than usual. This map is my best recollection of our route.

We rode almost to Chapman Dam State Park on back roads, on roads that Bob thought were gravel roads but had been paved. Before reaching Chapman Dam, we turned in the opposite direction.  We rode into Clarendon and followed U.S. Route 6 to Cherry Grove Road.  Before reaching Pennsylvania Route 666 we rode past the Minister Creek Recreation Area, where a 15-year-old girl was killed recently when she was struck by a falling tree during a thunderstorm.  Bob and I didn’t realize we were in that location until later.  At the time, we made the comment it looked like a tornado had come through the area.

We kept thinking we would head into Sheffield and get ice cream at the Frosty Chalet, which would be on our way back home. We rode all the way to Kane to Texas Hot Lunch! We pulled into the parking lot, but only to say bye. We bailed on the ride at this point. We weren’t the only ones who bailed on the ride. Another couple bailed on the ride before reaching Texas Hot Lunch.  We returned home at 8:45 pm. We wouldn’t have returned home until well after 9:00 pm, if we had not bailed on the ride.

The highlights of the ride included the gorgeous scenery on roads less traveled and when we saw two bears at Blue Jay Creek. I saw only one bear, standing on Blue Jay Creek Road. There was another bear in the woods that I didn’t see. Both bears had been in the creek. There were paw prints on the road. Someone else saw yet another bear earlier on the ride!

It is good that we bailed on the ride when we did. We wouldn’t have wanted to get home any later than we did. We had locked ourselves out of the house! We had to borrow our house key from our neighbor who watches Patches when we are away!

Sunday Dinner Ride

We spent the afternoon and part of the evening of Sunday, June 14, riding with our 2 Scoop CycleTherapy friends. We met Paul, Debbie, John, Carol, Scott, Donna, Mark, Faye and Bill at the North Warren Playground parking lot at 12:30 pm.

We put on our rain gear, as it started to rain shortly before our 1:00 pm departure time.

Carol getting a little help from John in putting on rain gear.

Our final destination was Sprague’s Maple Farms, located in Portville NY.

We made one stop, in Eldred PA, on our way to Sprague’s. A few of the ladies used the stop as a potty break. It didn’t take long for us to reach Sprague’s from that stop.

Eldred PA stop

It was 3:30 pm, when we were seated and our dinner orders placed. Bob ordered a pork chop dinner. I ordered a breakfast entree: scrambled eggs, bacon and pancakes. The pancakes were unlimited. I couldn’t even finish the three pancakes that came with my meal!

After dinner we started our ride back home.

Getting ready to leave Sprague’s Maple Farms

We stopped at Marilla Reservoir in Bradford PA, where I planned to take a group picture of the eleven of us at the covered bridge.  We got sidetracked, though, when we saw an eagle in a tree.

Eagle in Tree

We heard thunder, while at the reservoir, and changed our planned route home. We backtracked a short way and took Songbird Lane to Route 770 to Route 59. This was a faster way home than taking Route 346 to Route 321. It rained on our way home. I had taken off my rain gear when we arrived at Sprague’s.  I did not put the rain pants back on, when we left Sprague’s.  I got wet and cold.  As soon as we returned home, I took a long, hot shower and went to bed.  The next morning I awakened with a sore throat, runny nose, a cough and a hoarse voice.  It took the better part of the week to feel better!


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