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Chincoteague Vacation – Day 2: Annapolis, MD to Chincoteague, VA

On Sunday, April 7th, at 7:10 am we departed the Best Western Annapolis and continued our drive to Chincoteague, VA.

We crossed over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge about 10 minutes later.

Our first stop at 9:00 am was at the Salisbury Zoological Park in Salisbury, MD.  We arrived just as the zoo was opening.  

Salisbury Zoo – East Gate Entrance

We spent a couple hours walking around this wonderful, free zoo.  I created this slideshow to share with you some of the birds and animals that we saw, while at the zoo.

This was Bob’s first time at the Salisbury Zoo; it was my second visit.  My first visit was more than 30 years ago in August 1982.

Our second stop was for lunch at Subway at the intersection of Routes 13 and175.

After lunch, we crossed Route 13 and took Route 175 to Chincoteague Island, VA.

Our third stop was at the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, located on Assateague Island, VA. 

Located on the East Coast along the Atlantic Ocean in Maryland and Virginia, Assateague Island is the largest, natural barrier island ecosystem in the Middle Atlantic states region that remains predominantly unaffected by human development. The Virginia portion of the island is designated as the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge and is managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, with the exception of 448 acres in the refuge’s Toms Cove area maintained by the National Park Service.  These 448 acres are part of the Assateague Island National Seashore.  The Assateague State Park and the Assateague Island National Seashore are located on Assateague Island, MD.  This year marks our fifth visit to the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge and the Assateague Island National Seashore, located on Assateague Island, VA.

Admission to the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge is $20.00, which is good for multiple days.  We didn’t have to pay the admission fee, as I purchased a National Park Service senior pass in February 2018, when I turned 62 years old.

We rode our bicycles on the Woodland Trail.   The Woodland Trail, which takes you through a pine forest, is 1.6 miles round trip, paved and wheelchair accessible.  The trail is open to both walkers and cyclists.  A couple years ago many of the pine trees were damaged by a southern pine beetle infestation. 

We went for a bicycle ride on the Woodland Trail. This boardwalk leads to an observation platform from which you may see wild ponies.

We looked for wild ponies from this observation platform. We didn’t see any ponies.

Leaving the Woodland Trail, we rode our bicycles on the Beach Access Road to the Assateague Island National Seashore and back to the Woodland Trail parking lot.


We saw two horses and riders at the beach.


Egrets are popular at the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge.

We watched one egret, as it was hunting, standing immobile or wading through wetlands, to when it suddenly took flight.

Great Egret Hunting

Great Egret, Lift Off

Great Egret in Flight

Great Egret in Flight

We watched another egret standing in a tree.

Great Egret in a Tree

We rode our bicycles a total of 4.16 miles on Woodland Trail and to and from the beach.

We arrived at Tranquil Shores, our Airbnb rental, at approximately 3:00 pm–1 hour before check-in time. Tranquil Shores is located on Chincoteague Island, VA.  I telephoned our host shortly before we checked in to see if an early check in was possible (and it was).  Tranquil Shores was our home away from home for 5 nights.  I will publish a separate blog post pertaining to Tranquil Shores in the near future.

An hour later the car was unpacked.  At 4:40 pm we left to pick up some groceries.  We shopped at Food Lion at the intersection of Routes 13 and 175.  We picked up dinner, breakfast foods, snacks and beer. 

Tonight’s dinner was rotisserie chicken, macaroni and cheese, coleslaw and, for dessert, cheesecake.  We purchased a sampler cheesecake platter, which lasted us through four dinners.

We watched a couple episodes of NYPD Blue and then went to bed. As a side note, we started watching NYPD Blue on Amazon Prime in early February this year.  NYPD Blue is an American police drama set in New York City, exploring the struggles of the fictional 15th Precinct detective squad in Manhattan.  The series was originally broadcast on the ABC network, debuted on September 21, 1993‚ and aired its final episode on March 1, 2005.  Bob says this was one of his favorite TV shows.  We both saw the series, when it aired.   We may or may not have seen each episode, though.  I certainly do not remember each episode’s story line.  There are 12 seasons, 261 episodes.  We watched Season 9 episodes, while on vacation.

Please check back soon for more blog posts about our Chincoteague vacation.

Presque Isle State Park Day Trip

We left home at 10:00 am on Saturday, January 26th, en route Erie.  I did not like traveling on either Follett Run Road or Preston Road, both of which were snow covered and hilly.  The road surface for the remainder of our drive to Erie was good.  We drove to the following destinations, while in Erie:  Presque Isle State Park. Cheddars Scratch Kitchen, Best Buy and Sam’s Club.

Arriving at Presque Isle State Park, we drove around the peninsula, making a few stops along the way. 

Soon after entering the park, we noticed the trees were coated with white snow.

The snow-covered trees along Peninsula Drive were gorgeous!

We saw the new emergency intake tower, which often is mistaken for a lighthouse, at the Waterworks area.  Bob and I have always referred to the tower as a lighthouse.  I told Bob that the lighthouse was in a different spot, when we first saw it.  Bob said no it wasn’t.  I said yes it is.  Well, I am right.  I have photographic and written proof!

This was the old Waterworks Lighthouse.

The old Waterworks Lighthouse was removed in late 2017.  It is believed that the emergency intake tower was installed in the early 1900s. The valve apparatus has not been operational for decades,

The newly restored and repainted lighthouse was installed in September 2018.  It is located to the left of the original lighthouse and quite a bit forward of the sign seen in the photograph displayed above.  It was installed on land, not on water.  Donations helped to pay for the $80,000 project, with $50,000 coming from the Dan and Sallie Shipley Charitable Fund.

This is the new Waterworks Lighthouse.

Jayme, one of Bob’s coworkers, told Bob that he would be ice fishing on either Misery Bay or Horseshoe Pond.  We planned to walk across the ice to where Jayme was fishing.  As it turned out, Jayme didn’t go to Presque Isle to ice fish, as he had heard that the ice wasn’t good.  There were some ice fishing huts both on Misery Bay and Horseshoe Pond.

Horseshoe Pond Houseboats and Ice Fishing Hut

This houseboat with a replica of the North Pier Lighthouse is my favorite of all the houseboats on Horseshoe Pond.

Panoramic Image of some of the houseboats on Horseshoe Pond and Ice Fishing Huts

Continuing around Presque Isle we stopped at the Waterworks area, located across Peninsula Drive from where we had stopped earlier to admire the new Waterworks Lighthouse.  We were on the lake side of the peninsula.

Lake Erie

Today was Snow Day at Presque Isle State Park.  At the event, organized by the Presque Isle Partnership, visitors could enjoy everything from dog sled and snow show demonstrations, to outdoor cooking and ice fishing.  Our interest in stopping at this event was to see a dog sled demonstration, which we did. 

Bob captured video of the dog sled demonstration, while I captured still images.  Bob’s video is short, only a little over a minute.  So please do click on the play button!



Dog Sled Demo at Presque Isle Snow Day event


Shortly before the dog sled demo we petted one of the Siberian Huskies, a beautiful girl named Meeka.  She was really soft!  Meeka was the lead dog in the dog sled demonstration that we watched.

From Presque Isle State Park we drove to Cheddars Scratch Kitchen, where we ate lunch.  Bob ordered from the “Lighter Side”.  The entree Bob chose was bourbon-glazed grilled salmon over seasoned rice, broccoli cheese casserole and a house salad.  I ordered from “Comfort Food”.  My entree was homemade chicken pot pie with a house salad.  We enjoyed both of our meals.

From Cheddars we drove to Best Buy.  In June 2017 I purchased a 10.5 in. 256 GB iPad Pro tablet.  At the time I was in a quandary.  Do I buy the 10.5 in. tablet or the bigger, more expensive 12.9 in. tablet.  I chose the 10.5 in. tablet because I thought the larger tablet would be too big for me.  In hindsight, I should have purchased the 12.9 in. tablet.  Well, today, I purchased a new 12.9 in. 256 GB iPad Pro tablet, along with a Smart Keyboard case and Apple Pencil.  The Smart Keyboard case was not in stock.  I am expecting delivery of the Smart Keyboard case by Tuesday, Jan. 29th.  The new Apple Pencil attaches magnetically to my iPad, a feature that I love.  So, I am a happy owner of a new iPad Pro tablet!  I plan to sell my 10.5 in. iPad Pro, along with its keyboard and pencil, as a package in the near future.

From Best Buy we drove to Sam’s Club, where we picked up a few groceries.  We renewed our Sam’s Club membership in December last year, after allowing the membership to lapse a few months prior when Sam’s Club closed in Jamestown, NY.  The Sam’s Club in Erie is farther for us to drive than it was for us to go to Sam’s Club in Jamestown.  After several months without a membership, we decided that we go to Erie often enough that a Sam’s Club membership would be worthwhile.  Besides I miss some of the foods and paper products that we would buy at Sam’s Club.  The reason for driving to Erie on Saturday was to go to Sam’s Club.

From Sam’s Club we made our way back home.  I didn’t believe snow was in Saturday’s forecast.  Well, it snowed the whole way back home!

Our Hawaiian Vacation: Ukulele Shopping

Bob enjoys music — listening to music, as well as playing musical instruments.  He owns several musical instruments to include a 6 String Dobro, (2) 6 string acoustic guitars, a 6 string electric guitar, an Acoustic concert ukulele, a Mandolin, a 5 string banjo, a Didgeridoo, a Brazilian lap harp, a Bamboo Jaw harp, a Casio electronic keyboard, a Yamaha Organ and (2) harmonicas.

Bob’s newest musical instrument was the Acoustic concert ukulele, which he purchased in December 2016.  For the past year he has been considering the purchase of an Acoustic / electric tenor ukulele.  He wanted to have the  capability to record through a cable instead of an open microphone to avoid background noise.

What better place to shop for a ukulele than in Hawaii!

On Wednesday, when we visited downtown Kona, Bob saw an Acoustic / electric tenor ukulele that interested him.  That ukulele was on display at Just Ukes, located in the Kona Inn Shopping Village.  Bob didn’t purchase that ukulele, opting instead to look around.

We spent several hours ukulele shopping during the late morning / early afternoon on Friday, September 7th.

On our way back to Kona from Honaunau, we stopped at Kiernan Music in Kealakekua.  Bob picked up quality information from the salesman but did not purchase a ukulele.  He still favored the ukulele on display at Just Ukes.

We drove to downtown Kona. We stopped for cold beverages at Kona Inn, located in the Kona Inn Shopping Village.

_LG28227Our view from Kona Inn.

I had finished the glass of water that was my preferred beverage that day.  While Bob and Dorothy were still drinking their beverages I walked down to the seawall seen from where we sat in Kona Inn.

_LG28231I passed by a pretty yellow Hibiscus on my way to the seawall.

_LG28232At the seawall I watched for a few minutes, as wave after wave rolled in.

From Kona Inn we walked to Just Ukes. The ukulele that Bob had liked when he saw it earlier in the week had sold.

The Just Ukes salesman sent us to another ukulele shop a couple blocks away. We walked to that ukulele shop (Hawaiian Ukulele & Guitar) and found it under a tent, being fumigated.  Fumigated for what we didn’t know.

As we were passing by Just Ukes again, the salesman made another suggestion — Music Exchange, located in the King Kam Strip Mall off of Kuakini Highway. We drove there. After about 45 minutes Bob walked out with a new Acoustic / electric tenor ukulele. We had a most entertaining shopping experience at Music Exchange.  The salesman (Gavin Todd) and his friend (Royce DeSilva) joked around, while Gavin showed Bob various ukuleles. Gavin was very knowledgeable about ukuleles. He was a pleasant person to do business with.

Royce DeSilva, we learned, is the Hawaiian Idol XV Champion.

I found a live video of Royce’s performance that won him the championship.  Royce’s performance begins at time marker 2:32:42.  At time marker 3:44:19 Royce is selected as one of five contestants moving into the finals.

The five contestants performed a second time.  Click here for Royce’s second performance.  His performance starts at the beginning of the video and ends at time marker 4:15.  Royce is chosen as the Hawaiian Idol XV Champion at time marker 37:39 and follows up with one additional song.

Getting back to Bob and his new ukulele … Bob is happy to own a ukulele that he purchased in Hawaii.  I will close this blog post with a short video of Bob playing his new ukulele.


Our Hawaiian Vacation: Sunday, a Day of Rest

Sunday (September 2) was a day of rest. Dorothy prepared a breakfast casserole the night before, which we ate mid-morning.  We spent some time on the lanai chatting, enjoying the beauty of the flowers that were in front of us and watching and feeding the several wild turkey that visited with us.

May I come in?

_LG27847Wild turkey?

More like a pet turkey!
(Please click here for direct link to video, in event it doesn’t display or play.)

_LG27853A dozen or more wild turkey visit often!

_LG27855Wild turkey

Here are a few of the beautiful flowers that grace Dorothy and John’s yard.





We stayed home, until late afternoon.

Around 4:15 pm we left home en route Kona Brewing Company, arriving there around 4:30 pm.

Kona Brewing Company

We had a short wait for outdoor seating. On Sunday evenings there is live music. While we ate dinner, we listened to traditional island music. Bob, John and I ordered sandwiches–Porterhouse Dip for Bob, Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich for me and a Fish sandwich for John. Dorothy ordered a salad with a slice of pizza.

20180903_025145824_iOSand drank beer, of course … all except me

Dorothy ordered dessert.
Everyone has heard of a root beer float.
How about a beer float?

Bob purchased a pair of cool shades, as we were leaving Kona Brewing Company.

New Outdoor Furniture

On August 26th Bob and I purchased two wooden Adirondack chairs and a side table from Maple Grove Farm (Russell, PA), one of the vendors at the Kinzua Heritage Festival.  The chairs and tables were delivered late in the afternoon the next day.

20180827_220921138_iOSThe chairs and table look very nice sitting at our back door.

Bob and I celebrated our 20th anniversary on September 26th.  The chairs and side table were an early anniversary present.  The chairs are very comfortable.  They are not set low and the seat back is higher than other Adirondack chairs. I have difficulty getting out of chairs set low to the ground.  I have no trouble whatsoever getting out of these chairs.



Our Outer Banks Vacation – Last Day and Our Drive Back Home

[NOTE: I uploaded this blog post during the evening on October 11 but backdated the published date to October 1, the date when we returned home from our Outer Banks vacation.]

We awakened at 6:30 on Saturday morning, in time to see another gorgeous sunrise.

_LG25091Waiting for the sun to rise

_LG25092The sky was gorgeous, as we waited for the sun to rise.

_LG25094Hello Sunshine!

I was sitting on our balcony around 7:15 am, drinking a cup of tea. I saw movement in the pool enclosure at the beach house next door to ours.

_LG25095Two foxes in our neighbor’s pool enclosure!

For breakfast I had yogurt, a bagel with cream cheese and a Duck donut. Duck Donuts are warm, delicious and made to order.  Thank you, Donny and Nancy, for the donuts!

I took a group picture on the steps of our beach house. Four people, who spent the week (or part of the week) with us, were missing at the time I took the picture.  Those missing were not present for the group picture, but they are not forgotten!

Our fellow vacationers

In an earlier blog post I listed everyone who was (or would be) vacationing with us.  The only ones who did not make it to the Outer Banks were Sharon and Stephanie and Jeff.  I think Sharon was home with a sick dog.  I think I heard that Jeff wasn’t feeling well.  I am sorry that I didn’t get to meet you, Sharon.  I missed spending time once again with Stephanie and Jeff.  In the collage on the left side are: Nancy and Donny, Alexis, Jasper.  In the group picture are: Eric, Denise and Nic, Sam and Shawn, Brenda and Terry, Sandy and Jim, Michael and Maggie, Bob and me, and Wrigley.

Shortly after taking the group picture, Shawn and Sam bid us all adieu.

Later in the morning I went on the beach with Denise and Nic, Brenda and Terry, Maggie, Eric and Wrigley.

Nic is on his way to the beach to go fly a kite.

Brenda and Terry are flying a kite.

I think Maggie took over the flying of this kite, while Terry and Brenda tried to get another kite up into the air.

If you are not able to view the embedded video, please click here for the direct link.

Nic and Denise are flying a kite.

_LG25131Eric and Wrigley enjoying a stroll on the beach

I had fun with a sand crab.

If you are not able to view the embedded video, please click here for the direct link.

_LG25151the Sand Crab

Early in the afternoon we began to pack.

At 2:30 pm Sandy, Jim, Bob and I went shopping in search of Outer Banks t-shirts. We stopped at Duck Waterfront Shops, not to shop but to enjoy the boardwalk skirting the Currituck Sound.


Duck Waterfront Shops Parking Lot
Bob and Jim checking out a rental.

We saw several of these rental vehicles, in a variety of colors, while on vacation.

20170930_185621656_iOSDuck Waterfront Shops


While on vacation we spotted several painted winged horse statues.  We were able to see three of these horse statues up close, while at Duck Waterfront Shops.



If you would like to read about these painted horses,
please click here.

A scary shark and a beautiful mermaid

20170930_190101821_iOSWhat a nice walk we had at Duck Waterfront Shops!

20170930_190533254_iOSOur walk ended at Duck Waterfront Shops, when we walked over this picturesque bridge.

We did stop at Super Wings in Duck to shop for t-shirts, but it was closed. We stopped at a second store. It was closed too. A sign at both stores read that the store reopens at 7:30 pm.  We suspected the store was doing inventory.

We stopped at Benjamin Franklin in Nags Head, where we found t-shirts and more.  Bob and I picked up Outer Banks t-shirts and an Outer Banks hoodie, hat and Lighthouse wooden wind chime (for me).

We drove to Sam and Omie’s in Nags Head for dinner. The restaurant was located across from Jeanette’s Pier, which we had visited earlier in the week.  The plan was to meet Denise, Nic and Eric at 4:30 pm. Maggie and Michael and Brenda and Terry decided to join us too. So we would be a party of 11. The other two couples wouldn’t arrive until 5:00 pm. We couldn’t be seated until our entire party arrived. As we saw the restaurant fill the four of us decided to sit at a table for four. We were seated at 4:45 pm. The others weren’t seated until 5:30 pm, at the time that we were receiving our bill.

20170930_213022185_iOSTerry, Brenda, Michael, Maggie, Denise, Nic and Eric
I believe this is the table that the hostess planned to seat all eleven of us.
It would have been a very tight fit!

Leaving Sam and Omie’s we took the leisure way (N.C. Route 12) back to the beach house, avoiding the traffic and noise of U.S. Route 158.

Upon returning to our Flight of Fantasy beach house, we packed the car. We have only a few things to carry to the car in the morning.


Our drive home today was uneventful.

We departed Corolla at 5:07 am. We were the first to leave.

An hour later we stopped at a McDonalds in Currituck that wasn’t a full menu restaurant. We decided to continue driving north to another McDonalds. We found another McDonalds in Chesapeake, VA. We had bagel egg meals and continued our drive North at 7:00 am.

We stopped in Tappahannock VA at Sheetz to give the car a bath at the car wash, to get rid of the Outer Banks salt film. We used the stop as a bathroom and stretch break as well. We were back on Route 17 North at 9:45 am.

We ate lunch at Dairy Queen in Berkeley Springs, WV. We each ordered BBQ Pork sandwich meals and a sundae for dessert. We were back on Route 522 at 1:30 pm.

We returned home at 5:45 pm, after a couple more bathroom and stretch stops.

This year’s Outer Banks vacation was certainly memorable, with Hurricane Maria brushing by the Outer Banks coast!  We didn’t have it bad, though. We were able to do all we planned and more.  We enjoyed the company of Jim and Sandy; so glad that they could join us on vacation.  It was great to catch up with Denise and Nic.  We see the two of them only one or two times a year, as they live at least an 8-hour drive away from us.  I am glad that Denise’s son, Eric, brought Wrigley with him.  It was the first time we vacationed in the Outer Banks with a dog.  Wrigley was so much fun!  As for the others … Maggie and Michael, Sam and Shawn, Brenda and Terry – We came together as strangers, and we left as friends.  I hope that we are able to get together with you again some day.

You may read Jim’s blog post about our last day in the Outer Banks by clicking here.

A Pocono Mountains Weekend Part 5

We spent the weekend of May 5 through May 8 in the Pocono Mountains.  As I have much to share with you, I plan to upload several blog posts about our Pocono Mountains weekend getaway.  This is the third blog post about our weekend.  You may read the first four blog posts by clicking on the following links: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

We awakened at 5:45 am on Sunday, May 7.  As we had done the previous morning, we ate breakfast at Triplets Family Diner.  Bob had a feta cheese omelet with tomato slices and rye toast. I had French toast, one egg and bacon.

We enjoyed activities for half the day. It rained off and on all morning. Looking at the radar, the rain looked like fireworks — bursts of rain popping up all over and disappearing.

Our first activity of the day, after breakfast, was to visit Resica Falls in East Stroudsburg. This is a very pretty waterfall, located at a Boy Scout camp. The Boy Scout camp, Resica Falls Scout Reservation, takes its name from the waterfall. Resica Falls is on private property, but access is allowed by the Boy Scouts. Even though it seems like you shouldn’t enter at all, drive a little ways in and you’ll find parking for Resica Falls.  The trail to Resica Falls was located a few steps from the parking area.

_LG21188Trail to Resica Falls

_LG21192Resica Falls

_LG21196Resica Falls is 45 feet tall and sits on Big Bushkill Creek.


Here is a direct link in the event you cannot see the embedded video displayed above.

_LG21200There is a picnic area near Resica Falls.

_LG21214Bob and I at Resica Falls

Our second activity was shopping at The Crossings Premium Outlets Center in Tannersville PA. What a nice shopping center, nicely laid out and lots of shops!

20170507_161742942_iOS-EditThe Crossings

20170507_161757486_iOS-EditThe sign says there are 100 stores at The Crossings.

We saw some outlet stores we had not seen before e.g. Beef Jerky Outlet, Toys ‘r Us Outlet, Chocolate Works and NEPA Crafters Outlet. We made a few purchases.  We bought.snacks at the Beef Jerky Outlet and  birthday presents for our granddaughters at the Toys ‘r Us Outlet.  We bought two pretzels, one covered with peanut butter chips and the other covered with chocolate chips, at Chocolate Works and a pair of skull ceramic coasters for my stepdaughter at the NEPA Crafters Outlet.

We returned to the hotel around 1:00 pm. We ate a picnic-style lunch in our room. While eating lunch, the electricity in our room went out. We called hotel management, and the problem was resolved expediently. The hotel manager brought us a new light bulb, too, as a bulb blew when the electricity went out.

Later in the afternoon Bob decided he wanted to go to Best Buy in Easton, PA. He had looked up on the Internet the availability of a charger for his Fitbit. Bob forgot to bring the charger on this trip and thought it would be a good idea to have a second charger to keep in the car. Bob ordered the charger online for pickup at the store. We drove to Easton and picked up Bob’s online order. Best Buy price matched Amazon’s online price. Bob paid $10.42, not the $21.19 charge at which the order was placed.

While in Easton, Bob checked GasBuddy, a smartphone app that helps drivers find the best gas prices nearby. GasBuddy indicated the best gas price was at a Mobil station in Phillipsburg, NJ. Fuel cost in Stroudsburg PA was $2.43/gallon. In Phillipsburg NJ the cost was $2.29/gallon. We had to cross a toll bridge from PA to NJ. There was no toll to cross into NJ from PA; however, there was a $1.00 toll to cross into PA from NJ. Bob avoided paying this toll by telling the GPS to avoid tolls on our route back to Stroudsburg.

Back in Stroudsburg we stopped at Jimmy’s Ice Cream & Creamery. We had our dessert before dinner. Back at the hotel I microwaved the leftover Chicken Parmesan from our previous day’s lunch. Bob and I made a meal of the leftovers.


On Monday, May 8, we awakened at 4:30 am, which was understandable as we were in bed and probably asleep by 8:00 pm the night before!  I read the Warren Times Observer online, while drinking tea. I took a shower  and got dressed. We finished packing and loaded the car.

On Sunday, during breakfast at Triplets Family Diner, I asked our waitress what time the restaurant opens on Monday. I was told 5:00 am. After depositing our hotel key into the drop box, we drove to Triplets for breakfast. We arrived shortly before 5:30 am. The restaurant was not open. We left and began our drive home, stopping for breakfast at 6:30 am in Scranton at Denny’s Restaurant.

This concludes our weekend in the Pocono Mountains.


I have several things to share with you from our drive back home.

So …

You guessed it!  I will be uploading a few more blog posts… three more posts in fact.


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