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A Pocono Mountains Weekend Part 5

We spent the weekend of May 5 through May 8 in the Pocono Mountains.  As I have much to share with you, I plan to upload several blog posts about our Pocono Mountains weekend getaway.  This is the third blog post about our weekend.  You may read the first four blog posts by clicking on the following links: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

We awakened at 5:45 am on Sunday, May 7.  As we had done the previous morning, we ate breakfast at Triplets Family Diner.  Bob had a feta cheese omelet with tomato slices and rye toast. I had French toast, one egg and bacon.

We enjoyed activities for half the day. It rained off and on all morning. Looking at the radar, the rain looked like fireworks — bursts of rain popping up all over and disappearing.

Our first activity of the day, after breakfast, was to visit Resica Falls in East Stroudsburg. This is a very pretty waterfall, located at a Boy Scout camp. The Boy Scout camp, Resica Falls Scout Reservation, takes its name from the waterfall. Resica Falls is on private property, but access is allowed by the Boy Scouts. Even though it seems like you shouldn’t enter at all, drive a little ways in and you’ll find parking for Resica Falls.  The trail to Resica Falls was located a few steps from the parking area.

Trail to Resica Falls

Resica Falls

Resica Falls is 45 feet tall and sits on Big Bushkill Creek.
There is a picnic area near Resica Falls.

Our second activity was shopping at The Crossings Premium Outlets Center in Tannersville PA. What a nice shopping center, nicely laid out and lots of shops!

We saw some outlet stores we had not seen before e.g. Beef Jerky Outlet, Toys ‘r Us Outlet, Chocolate Works and NEPA Crafters Outlet. We made a few purchases.  We bought snacks at the Beef Jerky Outlet and  birthday presents for our granddaughters at the Toys ‘r Us Outlet.  We bought two pretzels, one covered with peanut butter chips and the other covered with chocolate chips, at Chocolate Works and a pair of skull ceramic coasters for my stepdaughter at the NEPA Crafters Outlet.

We returned to the hotel around 1:00 pm. We ate a picnic-style lunch in our room. While eating lunch, the electricity in our room went out. We called hotel management, and the problem was resolved expediently. The hotel manager brought us a new light bulb, too, as a bulb blew when the electricity went out.

Later in the afternoon Bob decided he wanted to go to Best Buy in Easton, PA. He had looked up on the Internet the availability of a charger for his Fitbit. Bob forgot to bring the charger on this trip and thought it would be a good idea to have a second charger to keep in the car. Bob ordered the charger online for pickup at the store. We drove to Easton and picked up Bob’s online order. Best Buy price matched Amazon’s online price. Bob paid $10.42, not the $21.19 charge at which the order was placed.

While in Easton, Bob checked GasBuddy, a smartphone app that helps drivers find the best gas prices nearby. GasBuddy indicated the best gas price was at a Mobil station in Phillipsburg, NJ. Fuel cost in Stroudsburg PA was $2.43/gallon. In Phillipsburg NJ the cost was $2.29/gallon. We had to cross a toll bridge from PA to NJ. There was no toll to cross into NJ from PA; however, there was a $1.00 toll to cross into PA from NJ. Bob avoided paying this toll by telling the GPS to avoid tolls on our route back to Stroudsburg.

Back in Stroudsburg we stopped at Jimmy’s Ice Cream & Creamery. We had our dessert before dinner. Back at the hotel I microwaved the leftover Chicken Parmesan from our previous day’s lunch. Bob and I made a meal of the leftovers.


On Monday, May 8, we awakened at 4:30 am, which was understandable as we were in bed and probably asleep by 8:00 pm the night before!  I read the Warren Times Observer online, while drinking tea. I took a shower  and got dressed. We finished packing and loaded the car.

On Sunday, during breakfast at Triplets Family Diner, I asked our waitress what time the restaurant opens on Monday. I was told 5:00 am. After depositing our hotel key into the drop box, we drove to Triplets for breakfast. We arrived shortly before 5:30 am. The restaurant was not open. We left and began our drive home, stopping for breakfast at 6:30 am in Scranton at Denny’s Restaurant.

This concludes our weekend in the Pocono Mountains.


I have several things to share with you from our drive back home.

So …

You guessed it!  I will be uploading a few more blog posts… three more posts in fact.

First 2017 Road Trip

Early afternoon on New Year’s Day we left on our first road trip in 2017…a day trip to Erie for dinner, shopping and some sightseeing.

We ate a late lunch at Texas Roadhouse, using a gift card that we obtained via Discover Card reward points. Neither of us felt like eating steak. Bob ordered the pulled pork entree with a house salad and green beans. I ordered the smothered chicken entree with a house salad and loaded baked potato.

After lunch we went to Wegmans and purchased a few grocery items.

From Wegmans we went to Michaels, where I picked up five photo boxes and a picture frame for the 3-5×7 prints from our granddaughters’ back to school photo session.  I used a gift card that Bob gave me for my purchases.  The picture frame fits perfectly in the space above the thimble shadow box.

New picture frame

I think I will keep the middle picture displayed in this picture frame and change out the left and right pictures yearly.

From Michaels we drove to Holland Street. A new sculpture interpreting Erie’s industrial heritage was installed at the corner of East 13th and Holland streets late last month. The sculpture, which consists of a horse pulling the world, represents the Erie region’s transition from an agricultural society to a manufacturing one.  The lighting wasn’t great, so I didn’t take a picture of the sculpture. Now that we know where the sculpture is located, though, we can check it out again on another trip to Erie.

Our last stop before beginning our drive back home was at the South Pier.

We took a walk on Erie’s South Pier.

We walked north, to the end of the South Pier.

Across the channel is the North Pier Lighthouse.

The North Pier Lighthouse is reachable either by car from Presque Isle State Park or by boat.

What a beautiful start to the new year. We enjoyed the abundant sunshine and temperatures above freezing. We were surprised to find very little snow close to the lake. Snow began to disappear a couple miles before the lake shore.  We had at least 6 inches of snow on the ground in our hometown of Warren, which is located about an hour’s drive east of Erie, when we left on our day trip.

Late Winter Sunday Drive

Bob and I went for a Sunday drive late this morning to early afternoon. We were out and about for 3-4 hours. It was a beautiful day for a drive. The sun was out; the sky was blue to partly cloudy; and the temperature felt more like Spring than Winter.

Our first stop was at the Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store in Jamestown, NY. I purchased 2-32 oz. bags of Poly-Fil Poly-Pellets Stuffing Beads for use in a camera bean bag.  I paid $11.86 for these beads, after coupons deducted $9.00 from the total cost. A little later in the day I ordered from Amazon a large-sized, black Grizzly Camera Bean Bag. The cost for this bean bag was $17.95, after using a $15.00 gift card that I earned from Bing Rewards. Bing Rewards lets you earn credits for searching on Bing or trying new features from Bing or other Microsoft products and services. Bing Rewards credits can be redeemed for a variety of gift cards and other rewards.  I save my Bing Rewards credits for Amazon gift cards!  My Camera Bean Bag is scheduled for delivery on Wednesday.

Our next destination was Allegany State Park, located near Salamanca NY, where we spent most of our time. We entered the park via the Quaker Run entrance. We made a few stops along Quaker Lake to take pictures of ice fisherman and Canadian Geese.

Ice Fisherman on Quaker Lake

Canadian Geese at Quaker Lake

We stopped at Science Lake and snagged a couple pictures.

Science Lake

Bob took this picture of me standing on top of the Science Lake Dam.

Somewhere along the way between Science Lake and Red House Lake, we stopped to photograph a beaver lodge.

Beaver Lodge

According to the Beaver Solutions website, there are two main types of beaver lodges — the conical lodge and the bank lodge. The most recognized type is the conical shaped dwelling surrounded by water. It is made from sticks, mud and rocks. One of the primary reasons beavers build dams is to surround their lodge with water for protection from predators. The second type of lodge is the bank lodge. It is typically excavated into the bank of a large stream, river, or lake where the water is too deep or fast moving to build the classic conical lodge.  This is a conical beaver lodge.

Our last photo-taking stop at Allegany State Park was at Red House Lake, where we photographed Canadian Geese, and a crow posed for me to take a picture.

Canadian Geese on Red House Lake

Canadian Geese on Red House Lake


A crow, looking out across Red House Lake

We departed Allegany State Park via the Red House entrance.

We returned home along the western side of the Allegheny Reservoir, making one stop at Webbs Ferry.

We discovered a fishing pier. The pier looked like it had been there for a while.

We have visited Webbs Ferry a few times over the years.
Neither of us remembered seeing this fishing pier.

Bob took this picture of me standing on the fishing pier.

Bob walked below the fishing pier.
When the Allegheny Reservoir is full, we think that these rocks
would be covered with water.

This week’s weather looks especially nice.  I hope to spend some time outdoors, enjoying the sunshine!


UPS Delivery

UPS stopped at our house late this morning.  The box that they left on our front porch was too bulky and heavy for me to take inside.


20150710_155245952_iOSI unpacked the box outside on our porch.

I shared this photograph on Facebook shortly before 1:00 pm.  As of 3:40 pm today, I had received two comments suggesting what might be in the unopened boxes.  Tim wrote “New long distance lens?“.  Richard asked “60#s of newspaper wrapping?”.  I will end the suspense.

Photo obtained from babyology

We purchased two pink Radio Flyer tricycles for our granddaughters to use, while at our house.  Aren’t they going to be surprised!

Vacation at Home

I feel like we were on vacation this past weekend, without going very far from home.   I didn’t have to cook at all, Friday through Sunday.  We went for a motorcycle ride on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  We attended the Roar on the Shore motorcycle event in Erie, spent time with a friend from Virginia who is visiting her family here in Pennsylvania, and we attended a water ski show in Bemus Point, NY.  What a great weekend it was.  I will share a few photographs from our weekend with you.

We rode to Erie on Friday, July 19th, to attend “Roar on the Shore”.

This year marks the seventh year that this event has been held in Erie. According to the “Roar on the Shore” website, this motorcycle rally was created to serve as a fund-raising event for a local charity. Proceeds from this year’s rally will benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Erie. “Roar on the Shore” is a 3-day event (Thursday-Saturday) and is held in downtown Erie, at Perry Square.

While in Erie we ate lunch at Molly Brannigan’s Irish Pub & Restaurant.  This was the view, while we awaited our lunch.  Bob ordered a Cobb Salad; I ordered a Pub Burger.  Both meals were delicious.  It was the first time either of us had eaten at this restaurant and would do so again.

This bar ice sculpture sat at the entrance to Molly Brannigans.  It sat outside in 90+ degree weather!


Besides admiring motorcycles parked along State Street and eating lunch at Molly Brannigans, we checked out several vendor booths (didn’t purchase anything) and saw the last few minutes of a motorcycle stunt show.  It was difficult to see the motorcycle stunt show, though, as a huge crowd had already gathered by the time we arrived.  As we were leaving, live music was playing.  The music sounded good; however, it was so hot in downtown Erie we opted not to stay.

On Saturday, July 20th, we went shopping in the morning at a garage sale in a town about 10 miles from our house.

We purchased a Radio Flyer wagon similar to the one shown in this photograph.  The seat belts are worn out or broken.  I ordered new seat belts yesterday.   The wagon needs cleaned out, too, before we take our granddaughters for a ride.  I am looking forward to taking the girls for a ride!


We ate lunch at a newly opened restaurant in our hometown, Christie’s Downtown Pub & Grille.

We each ordered steak subs.  The steak is not shaved steak; it is a thick, tender cut of steak. The steak sub reminded Bob of a steak sub that was served in the 1970s at a restaurant called “Teddy’s” in downtown Warren.  The steak sub was delicious!

Later that day we rode the motorcycle to Sheffield and crashed a picnic.  Our friend, Denise, who is from Virginia is visiting her family here in Pennsylvania this week.  We surprised Denise with a visit on Saturday afternoon.  Bob and I got invited to dinner 🙂

By the way Bob and I were supposed to make a return trip to Roar on the Shore on Saturday to meet up with motorcycling friends from Pittsburgh.  There was too high of a probability of rain for our friends to ride up from Pittsburgh, so Bob and I decided not to make a return trip.

On Sunday, July 21st, Bob and I went for a ride around Chautauqua Lake.  The lake is located in New York about 30 miles from our home.  We intended to stop at Bemus Point and Chautauqua Institution and perhaps in Salamanca at the casino.  Our only stop was in Bemus Point.  We stayed in Bemus Point longer than expected.  We arrived in time to watch a 45-minute water ski show.  After the water ski show, we ate lunch at the See-Zuhr House and took a walk along the lake shore.

Chautauqua Lake Water Ski Show
featuring the Chippewa Lake Water Ski Team from Medina, OH

I took this photograph at the conclusion of the water ski show.  The photograph shows the perspective from which I took the photographs of the ski show.  We could see very well to the left and right of the floating stage, but had to look through musical instruments and speakers to see the jump board that was right behind the stage.  The water ski show was free.  Other performances will be held on Saturday, August 17 at 1:00 pm and again at 3:00 pm.

After the water ski show, Bob and I ate lunch at the See-Zuhr House. We shared a beef on weck sandwich and chicken fingers, as well as a peanut butter ice cream pie.

This is the peanut butter ice cream pie that we shared.

The next few photographs are from our walk along the lake shore.

An artist at work at “A Stir of Artists” fine art show at Bemus Point Village Park

 Lake shore dining at the Village Casino

The trash cans in Bemus Point are photo worthy!

the Floating Stage on Chautauqua Lake

If you are ever in the Bemus Point area in the summer, be sure to check out who is performing on the Floating Stage on Chautauqua Lake.   The Bemus Bay Pops concert series is something you will not want to miss.

The Bob Seger Tribute band called “Hollywood Nights” was performing, as we were heading out of town.

When we returned to our motorcycle, we found another motorcycle sharing our spot. 
The other motorcycle was a Kawasaki Nomad, same as ours.


Some of the best vacations are the ones that you have at home!

New Condo and Perch

Whenever we come home from shopping, be it for groceries or other purchases, Patches checks out each item / bag.  She looks up at us, as if to ask “nothing for kitty?”  Patches gets excited when we bring home cat food.  She purrs loudly and rubs against the cat food bag as well as our legs.  She looks up at us, as if to say “you brought home something for the kitty”.


We went shopping today and brought home something for the kitty.

I’m so happy; you brought home something for the kitty!

Ms. Patches has become a chunky kitty.
She fills up the kitty condo.

McConnells Mill

We went on an approximate 300-mile jaunt today along Pennsylvania’s curvy, hilly, roller coaster like roads.  The map shown below shows our day’s travels.

When we planned today’s trip, Smicksburg was our destination choice.  Smicksburg is located in northern Indiana County and is home of a large Amish population.  We did go to Smicksburg; however, we did not make a stop there.  We did see Amish traveling in horse-drawn buggies and saw specialty shops along the way that offered country crafts, quilts, furniture, and foods. I guess we weren’t in the mood for shopping because we just kept moving on through the town.  Bob mentioned interest in a pair of leather chaps, so we changed direction and headed west.

We drove to Lutz’s Leather in Beaver Falls, where Bob did purchase a pair of leather chaps.  Bob will ride in better comfort now on cold days.  While we were waiting for the length of the chaps to be cut, we looked around the store.  We ended up purchasing two pairs of over-the-glasses sunglasses — one pair for each of us — in addition to the chaps.


Bob took a picture of me wearing my new over-the-glasses sunglasses.
I like them!

After shopping at Lutz’s Leather, it was time for lunch.  We passed Brown’s Country Kitchen en route Lutz’s Leather and had decided then that we would eat lunch there.  The restaurant was about 10 miles from Lutz’s Leather.  Bob ordered Buffalo Chicken Salad.  I ordered a Bacon Cheeseburger with a side salad.  Bob’s Buffalo Chicken Salad came with seasoned french fries served on top of the salad.  Bob is watching his carbohydrate intake and rarely eats potatoes.  He asked that the french fries be served as a side dish.  I ate the french fries 🙂

McConnells Mill State Park was only a couple miles from Brown’s Country Kitchen, so we decided to include the park in our day’s drive.

I love the view of the mill from here.
The view could be improved immeasurably, if some trees were cut down!

McConnells Mill Covered Bridge crosses over the Slippery Rock Creek.

The mill was not open, as it is not yet in-season for the park.

What a glorious Spring day it was.   It was so good to see blue skies and sunshine, along with warm temperatures, all day long.  Cooler temperatures, along with snow and rain, are returning tomorrow according to the weatherman.  I am happy that we took advantage of today’s beautiful weather!  We had a great day together!

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