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Ohio Vacation Day 4 (6/28/2021)

We walked down to the edge of the wetlands this morning. There was an adult bald eagle sitting in the snag on which we have seen one or two eagles often throughout the day, since our arrival on Friday afternoon. The lighting wasn’t good in that direction, so I didn’t take any pictures of the eagle. I did take pictures of a dragonfly and turtles.

Dragonfly at Wetlands at Airbnb
Turtles at Wetlands at Airbnb

It is hot and humid, even at 9:00 am. When I returned to the house, I was drenched in sweat from my neck up.

About an hour later, while sitting in the living room, I saw an osprey flying over the wetlands. Good thing I got my camera and went out on the deck. The osprey provided a bit of excitement, at least photographically.

An osprey flying over the Airbnb wetlands sees something of interest.
The osprey soared low in the sky over the Airbnb wetlands.
I lost the osprey shortly after I took this picture,
as it dove into the pond behind one of the buildings near the pond.

I stayed on the deck, camera in hand. Within seconds the osprey returned into view.

The osprey snagged a fish; a small bird gave chase.

Late morning/early afternoon we drove to Cuyahoga Valley National Park, to the Ira Trailhead, and walked ¼ mile to Beaver Marsh. What a HOT and HUMID walk that was! We didn’t see much in the way of wildlife. We saw a great blue heron, snapping turtle (no picture), red wing blackbird and tree swallows.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Beaver Marsh
Great Blue Heron
Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Beaver Marsh
Red-Winged Blackbird

I captured a few pictures of tree swallows, as we spent the most time watching their acrobatic flight.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Beaver Marsh
Tree Swallow
Tree Swallow
Two Tree Swallows

We returned to our rental Airbnb and ate lunch. I ate a picnic lunch indoors, and Bob ate Ramen Noodles that he found in the kitchen.

A storm rolled through around 5:00 pm.

It would have been very nice,
if this storm had taken the heat and humidity with it when it left.
That didn’t happen, though.

The temperature did drop 20 degrees, from 90 (with a heat index of 103) to 70. It didn’t take long, though, for the heat and humidity to return.

The First Snow of the 2020-2021 Winter Season

Yes, I am blogging again.

It has been a little more than a year since my last “The Beauty Around Us”blog post. Have I lost my blogging friends? I hope not!

I want to share with you a couple pictures that I just took of the snow that fell overnight at my home in NW Pennsylvania. 

We had new front porch steps and a handrail installed late summer.

The bird feeder is a bit top heavy.

Don’t you just love the first snowfall of the season? I do!

Full Snow Moon Followed by a Snowy Day

Various Native American tribes had various names for the different moons of the year, tied to natural phenomena that reliably occurred alongside them. February is a snowy month in the northern and eastern US; hence the full “snow” moon.

The moon rise last night happened at 6:06 pm, but it didn’t rise above the hill that blocked its view until 6:50 pm.  The moon had been full 7 hours previously, so the moon that rose wasn’t completely full.

The Almost-Full Snow Moon

Four minutes later the moon had risen a little higher in the sky.

The Almost-Full Snow Moon

It was a bit chilly last evening, waiting for the moon to rise over the hill so I could see it! I had enough of the cold, so I didn’t wait for the moon to rise above the tree!

The snow moon was followed by a snowy day.

Snowy day

Currently there is a winter weather advisory in effect until 6:00 am tomorrow morning.  Mixed precipitation is expected. Total snow and sleet accumulations of 1 to 3 inches and ice accumulations of up to one tenth of an inch are expected. Snow fell during the late morning and is expected to continue through mid afternoon.  The snow is expected to change to sleet by late afternoon, then over to lighter freezing rain this evening.

A Few Minutes of Stardom

The past two days have certainly been days to remember!

A friend who is a Cooperative Observer for the National Weather Service in State College, reporting from Chandlers Valley PA, suggested that I send my storm pictures to JET 24, Attn: Tom Atkins. Tom A. is a meteorologist for JET 24/Fox 66.  At 3:05 pm I forwarded my blog post about the “wind event” to him (sent a private message to his Facebook page). At 3:18 pm Tom A. wrote back stating “I’m forwarding this to news.” He asked for my telephone number, which I provided him at 3:21 pm.

At 3:37 pm my husband, Bob, telephoned. He needed me to come pick him up at Chestnut & 4th. He rode his bicycle into work. His back tire was flat. I left immediately.

At 3:41 pm my friend from Chandlers Valley messaged me “Jet Tv wants to come talk to you what is your #”. I was at a traffic light, stopped by a red light, when my friend messaged me. I hurriedly wrote back, giving her my telephone number, with an added note “but I am driving now”. My telephone rang perhaps a minute later.  I figured that the call was from JET-TV but left the call go to voicemail because I was driving. A couple minutes passed, and my telephone chimed. Someone had sent me a Facebook message.

I arrive at Chestnut & 4th, park the car, and get out telling Bob that he is driving home that I have to call JET-TV. I noticed first that I had a Facebook message. Tom A. asked “can we post pictures from you on our Facebook page?” I responded immediately in the affirmative and told him that they should be able to share the pictures straight from my page, as it is a public album. I, then, checked voicemail. Leanne Stuck, news reporter with JET 24/Fox 66 in Erie, asked me to call her back. I returned Leanne’s call at 3:52 pm.

Next thing I know Leanne S. is on her way to Warren to interview ME. She will arrive at my house around 5:30 pm.

At 5:00 pm a JET-TV news broadcast, confirming that a tornado hit Warren County, showcased photographs that I had taken of storm damage.  This news broadcast can be viewed via the link provided below.  Click on the second video from the left below the video box.

My interview went well, I think. I was nervous. I had to keep reminding myself to breathe! The news story about Warren County’s tornado was broadcasted at 10:00 pm on Erie’s JET-TV (ABC) and at 11:00 pm on FOX 66. The news broadcasts were the same. They showed only a small portion of my interview, using only the part about screaming when I saw the tree falling down in front of our house and then seeing the fallen tree in our next-door neighbor’s yard. One other person was interviewed, Cindy Morrison, who is one of three Warren County Commissioners.

There you have it … my few minutes of stardom.

A “Wind Event”

UPDATE:  According to the Warren Times Observer newspaper “Breaking News”, the National Weather Service as of 2:00 p.m. Monday, June 6 has classified yesterday’s storm as an EF1 tornado.


Quite the storm slammed into Warren County, PA late yesterday afternoon.  The storm was dubbed a “wind event” by the Warren County, Pennsylvania Facebook page.   As of 11:00 am today, according to the Warren Times Observer newspaper, the National Weather Service is investigating the damage from yesterday’s storm that brought down trees and closed roads.  It is my understanding that the storm was most severe in two Warren County townships: Conewango Township and Glade Township.  My husband and I live in Conewango Township.

At 4:50 pm yesterday my Facebook status read “I think we are in for some rough weather”.

At 5:02 pm my Facebook status read “Holy wind!”

A minute later I reported “Trees down!”

What is being described as a “wind event” knocked down several trees in the Weatherbee Street and South State Street area, in Conewango Township, as well as along Conewango Creek.  I have read and heard today that places across the Conewango Creek, from where we live, sustained the most damage.  I haven’t seen the storm damage in that area.  It must be pretty bad, though, to be worse than where I live.  Here are some photographs that I took yesterday and today at my house and in a tight circumference near my house.

A tree fell from the property across from our house.
The tree is lying on the street near our front yard.
Part of the top of the tree is hanging over our driveway.

I took this picture from our front porch.

Our next-door neighbor’s tree fell and destroyed their dog fencing.  Shed damage not known.

I took this picture of our neighbor’s fallen tree from our side yard.

I took this picture of another fallen tree, while standing behind our next-door neighbor’s fence.

At least two other trees fell into the street on which I live.

You can see the tree that fell across the road in front of our house behind these trees.

Our neighbors, who live along the Conewango Creek, lost lots of trees on their properties.

Conewango Creek property

Trees took down electric lines near this Conewango Creek property on South State Street.  The tree almost hit the house.  A friend, whose parents live in this house, told me that “there’s a circle of downed trees the whole way around their house!”

Storm damage near where the electric line was pulled down by a fallen tree.

My husband and I were without electric from the time the storm hit until 3:15 am this morning.  Shortly before noon today, I know of one neighbor still without power.  I am sure she is not the only one without power.

I took this picture at approximately 6:50 pm last night.
The fallen tree in front of our house was being cleared from the roadway.

At 7:15 pm the fallen tree was pushed away from the roadway.

More storm damage on property along Conewango Creek

More storm damage on property along Conewango Creek.

More storm damage on property along Conewango Creek

In this photograph I am looking across the Conewango Creek from a North Warren property.

A tree fell down on one of our South State Street neighbor’s car.
The car has a smashed windshield.

This morning I went for a walk along the bike path, located at the end of our street, and crossed over to South State Street.

Wetmore Cemetery sustained storm damage as well.

Wetmore Cemetery is located only a short distance from our house.

There are two women in my neighborhood who could be twins.  I don’t know either woman very well, so I keep mixing them up.  The one woman I know where she lives, but I do not know her name.  The other woman is a Facebook friend.  We have talked a couple times in person.  Yesterday evening a woman was standing at the end of our street.  I thought the woman was my Facebook friend, Sherry.  I asked the woman how things were up her way.  She said fine.  Well, this morning on Facebook, my friend Sherry shared photographs of the storm damage at her house.  Obviously I mixed up the two women!  Sherry wrote that trees and a gazebo that have weathered storms in many years fell quickly Sunday afternoon.  During my morning walk I stopped at Sherry’s house to see how Sherry and her husband were doing.  They are doing fine but have much cleanup to look forward to.  A couple trees landed on their house, breaking windows and messing up new roofing.  Thankfully no one was injured.

Storm damage at my friend Sherry’s house

Storm damage at my friend Sherry’s house


This tree broke off and landed in my friend Sherry’s neighbor’s front yard.

My husband and I were most fortunate.  We did not sustain any damage from this storm.  We had lots of leaves and branches scattered throughout our yard, but that is all.  I spent a few hours today raking and picking up the leaves and branches.

I am most thankful that property damage was the only result of yesterday’s storm.  I am thankful that no one was injured or worse.  A great big thank you goes out to the Fire Department, the police, public works and utility companies who responded to this weather emergency.  Also a huge thank you to all the good Samaritans.  A good Samaritan offered us the use of a generator, if needed.  We decided to ride it out and get in touch with him this morning, if our power had not yet come on.

As of 1:45 pm today I have not seen the National Weather Service report regarding this “wind event”.  I will update this blog post with that report, when received.

Winter Storm Olympia

This past weekend the National Weather Service issued winter storm warnings that stretched from central Kentucky to western Virginia. On Sunday morning The Weather Channel named the storm Winter Storm Olympia. Winter Storm Olympia has affected (or will affect) a large swath of the United States from Wisconsin and Missouri to Virginia, North Carolina and northeastward into New York and parts of New England.

At 5:10 am yesterday morning the National Weather Service in State College PA issued a winter storm warning for snow for where I live, in Warren PA.  The warning became effective at 7:00 pm that evening until 6:00 pm on this evening.  We already had a few inches of snow on the ground. An additional 6-10 inches of snow was anticipated.

For the remainder of this blog post I will share a few photographs that I took at our house around 10:00 am this morning.  I have no idea how much snow is on the ground.  The photographs, though, will give you a general idea of the depth.  There is a lot of snow on the ground, and the snow is still falling!

I took this photograph while standing inside our house, with the back door propped open.

Look how much snow is on top of our bird feeder.  There is a small hill separating our yard from our neighbor’s yard.  Look at how much snow is on top of our neighbor’s patio furniture!

This is our back door, propped open.

If I (or Bob) had thought to place a snow shovel on our front porch yesterday, I would have attempted to clear the snow from our sidewalk and at least part of our driveway. As it is, I do not have a pair of boots high enough to walk from our back door to the garage to get the shovel!

I took this photograph through our living room window.
Our neighbor’s foundation plants are topped high with snow.

I took a couple photographs, while standing on our front porch on a small square with little or no snow.

Looking in a westerly direction from our house

Looking in an easterly direction from our house

 We have had a very mild 2015-2016 Winter season, so I will not complain about Winter Storm Olympia.  Our school district has a snow day today, its first this Winter season…not bad for NW Pennsylvania, not bad at all.


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