Parker Ice Jam

Bob is on vacation. He took off work Monday and Tuesday. I planned Monday’s activities; Bob was in charge of Tuesday’s activities. As one would expect, Monday was filled with photographic opportunities. I am sharing the fruit of those photographic opportunities with you throughout this week.

We departed home (Warren, PA) around 9:00 am. We didn’t return home until 9 hours later! We drove through several western Pennsylvania counties. Our first stop was in Clarion, PA.  Our second stop was at Brady’s Bend Overlook and East Brady.  Today’s blog post showcases photographs taken while at Parker.

Before departing East Brady, Bob programmed the GPS to take us to the city of Parker.

The city of Parker was in the news at the end of February, due to an ice jam.  The Allegheny River was still very much jammed with ice, when we were there on Monday.

This bridge carries the Allegheny River Trail over the mouth of the Clarion River. The bridge is located about half way between Parker and Foxburg.  The Allegheny River is in the foreground; the Clarion River is behind the bridge.


Stay tuned for more photographs and details of our Monday drive in my next blog post.


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