Dinner Delivery

Bob and his daughter, Stacey, were in contact with each other on Father’s Day but unable to get together, as Bob and I were on an all-day motorcycle ride along Lake Erie in New York.  Bob and Stacey made plans to get together on Monday, after Bob came home from work.

Monday afternoon, soon after Bob came home from work, Stacey, Harper and June arrived at our house.  All three girls said “happy Father’s Day” to Bob, which I know warmed his heart.  Stacey brought dinner – Uncle Harold’s marinated chicken, corn pudding, monkey bread flavored with garlic and Parmesan cheese and black bottom pie. While Bob grilled the chicken and talked with Stacey, I played with Harper and June.   Harper, June and I played hide ‘n seek and tossed / rolled a couple balls all over the back yard.  Harper and June especially liked rolling the balls down a small hill into our neighbors back yard.  The girls would run down the hill after the ball, laughing the entire time.  Then they would slowly climb the hill and do it all again.  My part in this play was to sit on the top of the hill and say “yay” each time the ball rolled down the hill.

When it was time to eat, we went inside.  It felt much better inside, as it was hot and humid outside.  The bugs were being a nuisance as well.

Stacey, Harper and June

Harper and June are almost 25 months old.  They sure are getting big fast!

We had a great visit with Stacey, Harper and June.  We couldn’t have eaten a better dinner.  Stacey is an excellent cook.  Dinner was delicious.

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