Ice Cream Ride to Frewsburg

I look forward to Wednesday night rides with friends. We ride for ice cream! We leave at 6:00 pm from the North Warren Playground parking lot, which is located not far from our house. We usually get home before dark.   On August 27th we rode to The Igloo in Frewsburg NY.  It was our largest group yet to ride for ice cream.  There were 13 motorcycles and 23 riders!

P8277755 4x6I captured photographs of a couple of the riders, as they arrived at the parking lot.

P8277757 4x6

P8277760 4x6This is Sam, Yvonne and Savanna.
I LOVE the license plates on their motorcycles!

P8277761 4x6

P8277763 4x6Here are all our motorcycles, parked just below The Igloo.

P8277765 4x6Here we are; motorcycles are behind us.


Located on Oak Hill Road in the Town of Carroll just outside of Frewsburg is Erlandson Overview Park.  We stopped at this park on our way home.

P8277770 4x6Erlandson Overview Park

Sitting at an elevation of approximately 2,040 feet, this 76-acre site offers a spectacular view of the surrounding hillsides and of Chautauqua Lake if you happen to visit on a clear day (and if trees do not block your view).  It was the first time Bob and I visited this park. I would like to return one day soon, preferably when the leaves are changing color.

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